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22 september 2007

De fattede budskabet 40 år før alle andre

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I parantes bemærket: De er bedre kendt for denne her:

Læg mærke til bassisten – Chas Chandler – det var ham der ‘opfandt’ Jimi Hendrix.

Nobel prisen

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Nominations from 1901 to 1951, however, have been released in a database.

When the past nominations were released it was discovered that Adolf Hitler was nominated in 1939 by Erik Brandt, a member of the Swedish Parliament. Brandt’s intention was primarily to protest against the nomination of Neville Chamberlain by twelve of his colleagues. The tone of the nomination letter was ironic, even sarcastic. Its publication caused an uproar in the Swedish press as some newspapers initially failed to recognize the irony, while others thought it highly inappropriate to mock Hitler and make fun of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Brandt retracted the nomination after a few days.[2]

Other infamous nominees included Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. However, since nomination requires only support from one qualified person (eg. a history professor), these unusual nominations do not represent the opinions of the Nobel committee itself.

Fra Wiki

Hvad mangler vi? At Adolf Eichmann har været nomineret, på grund af sine uselviske forsøg på at løse jødeproblemet en gang for alle? Svenskerne har aldrig været kendt for at være de store jødeelskere. Og det ser ikke ud til at blive bedre i den nærmeste fremtid.

Ikke lige den hurtigste knallert på havnen:

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‘Our son is no terrorist, just a young Muslim


Nyskabelse: Pølsebomber – og dog

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On Wednesday, a bunch of German butchers thought they had unwittingly enlisted in the “war on terror”.

A 50-year-old man came into the Mannheim butcher’s with two large Schwartenmagen sausages he had bought there earlier that day. In broken English, he asked a butcher to wrap them and store them in the cool room until he departed for Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, the following day.

Alert but not alarmed, the assistant noticed the sausages were much heavier than usual and called police. Further examination revealed that the man had removed the sausage’s meaty contents and replaced them with sex toys.

“It was two latex dildos with a natural look,” said a Mannheim police spokesman. “He could have used a loaf of bread. It’s not against the law here. But obviously I can’t speculate on what customs in Dubai will have to say about it.”

Sydney Morning Herald


En pris på profetens hoved

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Gregorius Nekschot

Dagens idiot – Al Guardian

Democracy, not terror, is the engine of political Islam

Six years after 9/11, throughout the Muslim world political Islam is on the march; the surprise is that its rise is happening democratically – not through the bomb, but the ballot box.

Osv osv osv. Det er ikke mærkeligt, at den er blandt Kamelens yndlingsaviser.

Fra The Guardian