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30 august 2007

Hvide er nemme ofre

Den venstreorienterede franske avis Nouvel Observateur har bragt følgende:


Galliawatch har oversat til engelsk:

Whites Are Easily Ripped Off

When a technical high-school in Seine-Saint-Denis let out, a small group of students conversed: “These vandals tear up the place,” explains one of the girls. “They attack whites because they are easy to rip off, because they’re bourgeois and they’re afraid. When you tell them to hand over their cell phone, they do it, without defending themselves. Maybe these whites had a tough time making money, but, compared to us they are better educated, not like the Arabs. When THEY are attacked they defend themselves. But Arabs and blacks don’t steal from each other. We stick together, maybe because we’re immigrants.”

The past feeds the anger of Awa, a Senegalese girl, 19 years old: “The whites have caused the blacks too much suffering. We can never forget slavery. Maybe that’s why everything white is our enemy.”

“If they hadn’t sold us, Africa would be rich today. They robbed us of our wealth, we’re going to tear up the place until they’ve had enough,” says her friend spitefully, a girl from Mali, born in France, but who feels like a “kimphe”, an African. We’re here to make money, and then go back.

Jeg har knyttet et par relevante links på oversættelsen.

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