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27 august 2007

Då lunka vi så småningom…

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Så kom den pædofile profet til Sverige


Lars Viks – statoverhoved i Landonia, en af Sverige uafhængig republik beliggende på Kullaberg – er en kunstner lidt a la Jens Jørgen Thorsen. Han har ridset noget krimskrams som skal forestille en kendt, pædofil landevejsrøver fra middelalderen og fået dem trykt i et par Svenske aviser. Skitserne er en parafrase over de hinsidan så kendte “rondellhundar”, dv.s. hundefigurer optillet i rundkørsler til fornøjelse for vildfarne sjæle. Men nu har nogle andre personer med lignende, alvorlige mentale problemer, nemlig Irans regering, kaldt Sveriges chargé d’affaires i Teheran til “en alvorlig samtale”. Men Sverige er jo – som bekendt – ikke Danmark, så nu skal vi så se Reinfelt og Co. bøje sig i støvet, sige bé-bé og fordømme Landonias statsoverhoved. Samt yderligere censurere pressen, naturligvis.



Forbudt i Washington Post

Denne tegneserie om muslimer er for slem for blandt andre Washington Post, der derimod ikke har noget imod at gøre grin med den afdøde prædikant Jerry Falwell.


Huskeliste for nyansatte DR-journalister

Nyansatte DR-journalister skal, når de omtaler USA i radioen og på TV, holde sig indenfor rammerne af følgende liste for at at overholde public service forpligtigelsen, alsidighedskravet og fairnessprincippet:

  1. Perceived American religiosity and/or prudishness.
  2. Perceived American obsession with guns and violence.
  3. The death penalty.
  4. The perceived excess and superficiality of American capitalism and (non)culture (i.e. fat people, the super rich, SUVs, fast-food, M-TV/hip-hop culture, Hollywood, corporate scandals, buy-outs and “excessive” profits.)
  5. Perceived social inequality in the United States (i.e. amerikanische Verhaeltnisse, poor Americans are starving and freezing to death or at least struggling with 2-3 jobs and no health insurance while the rich live it up. Perception that America has no social safety net or a woefully inadequate social safety net.)
  6. Perceived American unilateralism/exceptionalism (i.e. Iraq, Kyoto, ICC, Guantanamo)
  7. Perceived American “hurrah” patriotism or “hyper” patriotism (i.e. flag-waving).
  8. Perceived American paranoia/overreaction about terror and obsession with security and the “war” on terror and the perceived willingness of Americans to sacrifice key civil liberties (the Patriot Act has become a favored target) and take extrajudicial actions involving torture, renditions, etc.
  9. The perception that the Bush administration controls (or at least dominates) the media and can somehow intimidate media into following the party line. The perceived view that there is a lack of diversity of opinion in US media and that FoxNews, talk radio and blogs are the menacing conservative vanguard of what all US media are becoming or have already become. (i.e. US media are “gleichgeschaltet” or in lock-step.)
  10. Anything that casts a negative light on the US military (i.e. Abu Ghraib, trials of US troops, bombings or killings of civilians real or imagined).
  11. Anything that casts a negative light on the Bush administration.
  12. Iraq is a disaster-quagmire-catastrophe-debacle perhaps unparalleled in human history. Iraq = Vietnam = defeat and humiliation for America, the US military and Bush.
  13. The perception of the US as an imperial hegemon out to expand its global power and military-industrial complex while using democracy as a convenient (yet false) excuse to do so. Oil = blood = Halliburton = war.

Læs også “Confessions of a BBC liberal”

Austria’s Haider says to ban mosque-building

Joerg Haider said on Monday he plans to change building laws to prevent mosques and minarets being erected in his home province of Carinthia.

Haider, Carinthia’s governor, said he would ask its parliament to amend the building code to would require towns and villages to consider “religious and cultural tradition” when dealing with construction requests.

“We don’t want a clash of cultures and we don’t want institutions which are alien to our culture being erected in Western Europe,” Haider said in a statement.

Mere på Reuters

Gid vi havde flere, der udtalte sig som ham.

Who Is Allah?

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It’s not that Europeans haven’t been forewarned.

It’s that they couldn’t care less.


In Satan’s Footsteps

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Mere her.


I husker vel dokumentarfilmen om engelske moskeer optaget med skjult kamera

Hvilke følger fik egentlig den engelske TV kanal ‘Channel 4’s udsendelse “Undercover Mosque”?

Her er afsnit 1. Du kan finde resten på Youtube.

Jo først overvejede politiet at føre sager mod moskeerne, men det opgav de. Nu har de anklaget TV-kanalen for at vise dokumentarfilmen.  Her er politiets pressemeddelelse:
West Midlands Police have completed their investigation into the Channel 4 Dispatches program ‘Undercover Mosque’ broadcast in January 2007.

The police investigation initially looked at whether there had been any criminal offences committed by those featured in the program and following careful consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), West Midlands Police have been advised that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges against those individuals featured within the program.

West Midlands Police acknowledge the concerns that some parts of the program may have been considered offensive, however when analyzed in their full context there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against any individual.

ACC Anil Patani for West Midlands Police said: “As a result of our initial findings, the investigation was then extended to include issues relating to the editing and portrayal of the documentary.

The priority for West Midlands Police has been to investigate the documentary and it’s making with as much rigor as the extremism the program sought to portray.”

The police investigation concentrated on three speakers and their comments in the program. CPS reviewing lawyer Bethan David considered 56 hours of media footage of which only a small part was used in the program. She said: “The splicing together of extracts from longer speeches appears to have completely distorted what the speakers were saying.

The CPS has demonstrated that it will not hesitate to prosecute those responsible for criminal incitement. But in this case we have been dealing with a heavily edited television program, apparently taking out of context aspects of speeches which in their totality could never provide a realistic prospect of any convictions.”

The CPS was also asked by the police to consider whether a prosecution under the Public Order Act 1986 should be brought against Channel 4 for broadcasting a program including material likely to stir up racial hatred. Miss David advised West Midlands Police that on the evidence available, there was insufficient evidence that racial hatred had been stirred up as a direct consequence of the program. It would also be necessary to identify a key individual responsible for doing this together with an intent to stir up racial hatred, which was not possible.

West Midlands Police have taken account of this advice and explored options available to them and has now referred the matter to the broadcasting regulators Ofcom as a formal complaint.

West Midlands Police has also informed Channel 4 of this course of action.

One in four UK babies born to a foreign parent

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One in four babies born in the UK has a foreign mother or father, official figures showed yesterday.

Population data for the year to July 2006 showed the proportion of babies born to a foreign parent has risen to 25 per cent compared to under 20 per cent just six years ago.

The startling statistic reflected the impact of recent record levels of immigration on the population.

A spokesman for the Office for National Statistics said: “That reflects the cumulative effect of immigration over the last 40 years.”

Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migrationwatch, said over the next 20 years one in three new households will be a result of immigration.

“It is clear from these figures that immigration is continuing unchecked and continues to break all previous records – despite the fact this is opposed by the vast majority of the public,” he added.

Figures from the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) earlier this year showed about six million people living in Britain – one in 10 – was born overseas.

This was far higher than the official figures from the 2001 census, which predated the recent surge in immigration.

Also, the foreign-born population is growing while the British-born population is declining. For almost a century, until the mid-1990s, natural growth was the main driver of population growth.

While there are still more births than deaths, net international migration into the UK has been increasingly important in population change.

The UK population has increased by eight per cent since 1971, from 55,928,000 to 60,587,000.

Mere på Telegraph

Kommentar nødvendig?

Læs her om hvordan englænderne er begyndt at stemme med fødderne:

196,000 out, 574,000 in: Record numbers leaving Britain for new life abroad – as immigration to UK soars.


Ægypten forlænger fængsling af kristne menneskerettighedsforkæmpere

Egypt yesterday renewed the detention of two Christian rights workers, held without charge since their arrest on August 8.

Police detained Adel Fawzy Faltas and Peter Ezzat after their organization was involved in several controversial human rights cases, including that of Mohammed Hegazy, who made an unprecedented bid to have his conversion to Christianity legally recognized.

Top Egyptian religious scholars called for the convert’s death yesterday in London-based, Arabic-language daily Al-Quds al-Arabi.

Faltas, 61, had conducted a high profile Internet interview with Hegazy only days before his arrest, sparking claims in Egyptian media that he had led the Muslim to Christianity.

Var der nogen, der hørte DR-P1 idag til morgen? Jeg hørte en muslim ivrigt akkompagneret af P1-journalisten omtale islam i Ægypten. Ikke et ord om forfølgelsen af de kristne inklusive kopterne. Der blev direkte sagt, at muslimerne i Ægypten er mere tolerante end Ægyptens kristne. Udsendelsen skulle følges op af en udsendelse i eftermiddags, som jeg desværre ikke har hørt. 

Ferieparadiset Maldiverne

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“Det seksuelle misbrug af børn på Maldiverne er på højde med andre lande.”

Most recently three men who had sex with a twelve year old girl after breaking into her house were given eight month banishment sentences.

A judge ruled the girl had consented.

Mere på Minivan News

Og mere om Maldiverne her.



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Elissa is also one of the Lebanese singers who are banned from entering and singing in Syria.

She’s been accused of being not fully dressed and singing sexual songs rather than meaningful ones.


Mere på Al Bawaba


Enhedslistens kredsliste i København bakker op om Assmaa

Morten Kabel, sekretær for Enhedslistens københavnerkreds udtaler

»Som jeg ser det, har vi et solidt team med de første fire spidskandidater«

»Første gang Pernille Rosenkrantz-Teil stillede op, sagde folk at det var en katastrofe og hvad lignede det? Hun var jo piercet og havde været med til at kaste kyllinger ud i folketinget. Men nu er hun jo en venstrefløjsgudinde. Så noget, jeg har lært, er den måde, hvorpå man ser på Enhedslistens kandidater. Man elsker at gøre dem til djævle, lige indtil man har set dem i aktion. Så elsker man dem«,

Mere på Politiken

Jeg synes da lige, vi skal huske dette her:

Danske soldater i Irak bliver hver eneste dag angrebet med raketter og mortérgranater. Volden fra irakiske oprørere tager til med døde og sårede til følge.

Og det er helt i orden, mener Enhedslistens fynske folketingskandidat, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, ifølge BT.

Hun støtter irakernes væbnede kamp mod blandt andet de danske og udenlandske styrker.

– Jeg er ikke imod en væbnet kamp. Det er en modstandskamp, og derfor er det også helt fair. Som alle andre har de ret til at leve i et land, hvor de selv bestemmer, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid til B.T.

Skynd dig inden de fjerner den

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European Commission to take down racially offensive comic from its website

The European Commission is to remove the comic What me a racist from its Europa website following a complaint from civil liberties group Liberty and Law taken up on its behalf by the Commission for Racial Equality [CRE].

The glossy A4 comic produced in 1998 to combat racism was published in all the official European Union languages. It was “designed for teachers to use when addressing the subject of racism with young people” and has been on its website since 2001.

Liberty and Law complained about the offensive racial caricatures of the black characters portrayed, reminiscent of the treatment given to Africans in Hergé’s 1931 book Tintin in the Congo.

The CRE made rapid progress with the Commission for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. On 21 August the CRE told Liberty and Law that the Commission underlined to them that it was “not their intention to be offensive to any group or individual and are looking into the matter”. Just a few hours later Commissioner Spidla’s spokesperson asked the Communications Directorate General to remove the comic from its website.

The Commission also confirmed that the paper copies were out of print and would not be reprinted. The CRE reported that the “Commission wanted to reiterate that they did not intend to offend African Europeans (or any other group addressed in the cartoon) and should this have been the case they regret this deeply and offer their sincere apologies.”

Liberty and Law director Gerald Hartup commented: “ It is amazing that so little sensitivity was employed by those responsible for its commission and production and that it got past Europe’s anti-racist campaigners. However, Commissioner Spidla deserves credit for acting promptly when it was belatedly brought to his attention.”


Kulturberigere på spil

To eksempler fra Århus denne week-end.

To vidner blandede sig lørdag morgen i et hærværksoptrin og blev gennemtæsket.
Politiet leder nu efter tre unge fyre med mørk lød, der løb fra Studsgade klokken 6.19.

I Rådhusparken ved højlys dag måtte en 57-årig svagelig mand aflevere 1200 kroner, sin mobiltelefon og sin medicin til fem unge gaderøvere.

Men det er jo som sædvanlig kun enkeltstående tilfælde.

Det første skridt mod et diktatur er taget, når flere politiske partier ønsker Hizb-ut-Tahrir forbudt i Danmark.

Det siger organisationens talsmand i Danmark.

Mere på EkstraBladet

Og hvad er det så, Gisp-Prut-Papir ønsker at indføre?