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5 august 2007

Statistiker: The Lancets dødelighedstal for Irak er utroværdige

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Hvad så Villy Søvnighed:

There were attempts made by lay journalists to debunk the 2004 study (as well as the 2006 follow-up study that purported to back up the first). But none of those dissections comes close to a damning new statistical analysis of the 2004 study authored by David Kane, Institute Fellow at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. I read of Kane’s new paper at this science blog and e-mailed him for permission to reprint his analysis in its entirety here so that a wider blog readership could have a look. He has given me his permission and adds that he welcomes comments and feedback. He’ll be presenting the paper at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City on Monday — the largest conference of statisticians in North America.

Much of the math here is mind-numbingly complicated, but Kane’s bottom line is simple: the Lancet authors “cannot reject the null hypothesis that mortality in Iraq is unchanged.” Translation: according to Kane, the confidence interval for the Lancet authors’ main finding is wrong. Had the authors calculated the confidence interval correctly, Kane asserts that they would have failed to identify a statistically significant increase in risk of death in Iraq, let alone the widely-reported 98,000 excess civilian deaths.

An interesting side note: as Kane observes in his paper, the Lancet authors “refuse to provide anyone with the underlying data (or even a precise description of the actual methodology).”

Mere hos Michelle Malkin, hvor Kanes artikel kan læses i sin helhed.


‘Two-finger salute’ – mere britisk vanvid

FURY erupted last night after Sir Winston Churchill was axed from school history lessons.

Britain’s cigar-chomping World War Two PM — famed for his two-finger victory salute — was removed from a list of figures secondary school children must learn about.


Instead they will be taught about “relevant” issues such as global warming and drug dangers. Churchill’s grandson, Tory MP Nicholas Soames, branded the move “total madness.”

The decision to axe Churchill is part of a major shake-up aimed at dragging the national curriculum into the 21st century, it was claimed last night.

But the plan — hatched by advisers — angered schools secretary Ed Balls, who vowed to probe ALL the changes to the curriculum.

The proposals will see traditional timetables torn up, with pupils focusing on modern “relevant” topics such as drug and booze abuse, climate change and GM foods.

Churchill — voted the greatest ever Briton — goes off the required lessons list, along with Hitler, Gandhi, Stalin and Martin Luther King.

There will also be no need to mention the Wars of the Roses, Elizabeth I or Henry VIII.

The move left Mr Balls locked in a row with his curriculum advisers.

He insisted: “Churchill should be taught to all pupils and I shall be taking steps to ensure it is.”

Shadow schools secretary Michael Gove said: “Winston Churchill is the towering figure of 20th-century British history. His fight against fascism was Britain’s finest hour.

“Our national story can’t be told without Churchill at the centre.”

Churchill’s grandson, Tory MP Nicholas Soames, stormed: “It’s total madness. The teaching of history is incredibly important. If people do not seem to care about the country in which they live, the reason is that they don’t know much about it.”


MODERN LANGUAGES: Schools will be able to stop teaching French, German and Spanish and offer other languages, including Urdu, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Mere på The Sun via American Thinker


Jeg havde overset denne historie, der er 14 dage gammel. Den mand har mere end nogen anden æren for, at vi sidder her i frie samfund idag. Uden ham kunne vi idag have været kommunister eller nazister. Det ser sort ud for UK.

48 britiske universiteter infiltreret af radikale muslimer

Up to 48 British universities have been infiltrated by fundamentalists, according to Professor Anthony Glees, the director of Brunel University’s Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies.

He claims that followers of Omar Bakri, the founder of the disbanded al-Muhajiroun, continue to preach on campuses.

A Government report published in December warned of “serious, but not widespread, Islamic extremist activity in higher education institutions”.

Mere på Telegraph


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An Indian-born aerospace engineer who the British authorities say drove a burning Jeep Cherokee into a terminal at Glasgow Airport in a botched terrorist attack died Thursday in a hospital in Scotland, the police said.

The man, Kafeel Ahmed, 28, was severely burned over 90 percent of his body and had remained in critical condition since the failed attack on June 30. The Jeep was loaded with gasoline and burst into flames as it hit the airline terminal.


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Det er længe siden 😀


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Det gode vejr er på vej tilbage.