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4 august 2007

Gay Artist Burns Rare $60,000.00 Koran

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Charles Merrill, the artist who recently edited the Holy Bible with a black marker and pair of scissors, has lately burned a rare Islamic Holy Book, The Koran, valued at $60,000.00, in an undisclosed Chicago location.

“The purpose of editing and burning Abrahamic Holy Books is to eliminate homophobic hate,” Merrill stated. “Both ancient books are terrorist manuals.”

Mere på Market Watch


Retards reawaken

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Exconverts to Islam speak out.

One in 11 British Muslims backs suicide bombers, says Brown aide

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As many as one in 11 British Muslims agree with and proactively support terrorism, a Government adviser has warned police.

Haras Rafiq also told officers at Scotland Yard that up to 20 per cent of the Muslim population ‘ sympathise’ with militants, while stopping short of being prepared to ‘blow themselves up’.

Mere på Daily Mail


Jihadwatch har 10 spørgsmål til 10 ud af 11 britiske muslimer.

Robert Spencers tale

Her er talen CAIR ikke vil have kommer frem.

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Mosque set on fire in Bradford

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Unidentified people on Friday set a mosque on fire in Bradford, England, reported Geo News.

According to the channel, the incident happened between 12:15pm to 1:45pm in the morning. It reported that several people were inside the mosque when the fire erupted. However, no casualty or injury was reported from the scene. “First, police suspected that the fire erupted owing to a short circuit, but later the officials confirmed that the mosque was advertently set on fire,” said the channel. The Jamia Tableegul Islam mosque is situated in an area of Bradford where worst racial riots took place five years ago.

Daily Times


Venstre vil stoppe Thomas Koppel Allé

Venstre i Københavns Kommune vil modarbejde et forlag fra teknik- og miljøborgmester Klaus Bondams om at omdøbe Pumpehusvej til Thomas Koppels Allé.

Mere på DR

Den morderiske slyngel Che Guevara

Che Guevara, who aided Fidel Castro in his rise to power in Cuba in the late 1950s and early 1960s, is today an icon of liberal culture worldwide.

His picture and image adorn countless products, from posters to t-shirts to CD cases to bikinis.

Robert Redford made a 2004 movie about Guevara, “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which won media praise and an Academy Award. Two more Guevara movies are due for release in 2008.

Yet the liberal-left and Hollywood are perpetuating myths, if not outright lies, about Guevara, according to author Humberto Fontova in his book, “Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.”

Fontova discussed with Cybercast News Service his new book and what he describes as the real Guevara – the man who directly helped Castro put into place a communist regime responsible for at least 102,000 deaths and which has cycled 500,000 people through its gulag.

Her er første del af interviewet og anden del.


Cybercast News Service: What do you consider to be some of Guevara’s greatest crimes or offenses that people today should know about?

Humberto Fontova: He was the chief executioner. He performed for the Cuban revolution what Heinrich Himmler performed for the Nazis. Everything Che Guevara did was directed by Fidel Castro. Early on, when they were in the mountains, Castro realized that Che seemed to relish executing little farm boys. There were executions carried out, carried out in the mountains, of so-called informers. I interviewed many people who witnessed those executions. There was no due process.

Che Guevara wrote a letter to his father in 1957 and to his abandoned wife. In the letter to her, he wrote, “I’m here in Cuba’s hills, alive and thirsting for blood.” Then, to his father, “I really like killing.” The man was a clinical sadist, whereas Fidel Castro you could describe as a psychopath in that the murders did not affect him one way or the other. It was a means to an end – the consolidation of his one-man rule. Che has a famous quote, where he wrote, a revolutionary has to become “a cold killing machine.” The thing was, Che Guevara was anything but cold. He was a warm killing machine. He relished the slaughter.


European Parliament to Host UN NGO Anti-Israel Propaganda Conference

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The United Nations has scheduled an “International Conference of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace”, to be held in the European Parliament in Brussels, August 30-31.

This misleading not withstanding, this annual conference is held under the auspices of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, and the International Coordinating Network for Palestine – frameworks that promote the conflict through NGOs involved in implementing the Durban agenda of demonization. This year, for the first time, the exercise is gaining the legitimacy of sponsorship by the European Parliament, further highlighting the role that the Europe Union plays in supporting the NGO campaign.

Mere på NGO Monitor Blog og YNetNews


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The Ten

Nogen der får pyromane trækninger?

Borgerbevægelserne breder sig i Tyskland

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Bürgerbewegung pro Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Radikale kristne fører korstog mod muslimer

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Radikale kristne har slået sig sammen i den tyske by München med det formål at bekæmpe islams indflydelse på den vestlige verden.

Gruppen kalder sig selv Deus Vult Amorem, hvilket betyder ”Gud vil kærligheden”, og dens medlemmer ser sig selv som moderne korsriddere, der har til opgave at forsvare kristendommen imod islam.

Ifølge gruppens hjemmeside vil den i løbet af det kommende år være til stede ved en række arrangementer om islam, blandt andet ved en stor demonstration mod Europas islamisering foran Europa-Parlamentet i begyndelsen af september. Gruppen understreger, at den tager afstand fra enhver brug af vold.

Mere på Kristeligt Dagblad

Den muslimske verdens hykleri

Right now we should hold the Muslim world to the same standards of tolerance that we demand of ourselves — no more apologies for things like our insensitive cartoons or excuses for their insane anger against novelists.

In turn, the Middle East must grow up and accept, like the rest of the world, that there are social and cultural costs and consequences for any who wish to embrace the benefits of modernism.


Is Islam inherently violent?

It’s the secret question in official Washington, D.C., in the Pentagon, and in the White House.

It’s the question that is so radioactive that most in government and the press dare not even pose it, let alone answer it.

In a disturbing but thoroughly researched new book, “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World,” author and filmmaker Gregory M. Davis rebuts the notion that Islam is a great faith in desperate need of a Reformation. Instead, he exposes it as a form of totalitarianism, a belief system that orders its adherents not to baptize all nations, but to conquer and subdue them. Islamic law’s governance of every aspect of religious, political and personal action has far more in common with Nazism than with the tenets of Christianity or Judaism.

Mere på WND

På samme måde som danske og europæiske politikere heller ikke tør stille og besvare spørgsmålet.

Kopterne er blevet forfulgt, tortureret og myrdet af muslimerne i 1400 år

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A report from the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights concluded Coptic Christians in Egypt have been harassed, tortured and killed by Muslims for 1,400 years.

“They have been subjected to all kinds of hate crimes including, the abduction of young Coptic girls, the killing of Coptic women and children and the destruction of their places of worship,” the report concluded.

Two young boys ordered to take a school test that would result in their conversion to Islam wrote, “I am Christian,” on the exam papers, knowing in advance that could very well spell the end of their educations. Now a U.S.-based organization is lobbying for international pressure on Egypt to quit forcing Christians into such no-win situations.

“What brought the case to the public attention is the categorical refusal of the two kids to pass the Islamic exams and convert to Islam, stating, ‘they will not deny their Christianity and convert to Islam no matter what it would cost them,'” Sam Grace, a spokesman for Coptic News said.

Mere på WND


Mere: Persecution of Christians Increasing

Systematisk forfølgelse af kristne mødes med total tavshed – selv af menneskrettighedsgrupper

Violence and behind-the-scenes persecution are contributing to a mass exodus of Christians from the Palestinian territories

Human rights violations against Palestinian Christians, according to Weiner, a distinguished scholar in residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, also include: individual loss of job or property; firebombed churches; destruction of Christian-based centers; beatings; torture; forced marriages; sexual harassment; and extortion.

He noted that most of the persecution has taken place since the empowerment of the Palestinian Authority in 1995 under Yasser Arafat. He described the torture suffered by Christian converts from Islam since then as “the kind of thing you only read about in Medieval books—it’s very difficult to describe.”

Mere på Charisma


De stakkels forfulgte såkaldte ‘palæstinensere’ forfølger kristne (og jøder). Vestens medier skriver om palierne, og EU betaler pengene til hele svineriet. Sådan!

Halløj i retten

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Kulturberigelse – også i svenske retssale.


Besparelser har gjort Sverige forsvarsløst

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In less than fifteen years Sweden has gone from having a national defence force to a security policy based on the assumption that territorial defence is no longer needed.

Military resources are only deemed relevant as political markers in distant conflicts and Sweden’s territory has become nothing more than a training ground and a shipping station.


Defence policy is insurance against the worst that could happen in a future that we cannot predict. But after years of existential angst and budgetary black holes, Sweden’s military has finally taken down its flag, emptied its stores and fled the field.

Professor Wilhelm Agrell is a researcher and teacher at the Peace Research Institute of Lund University. He has published a number of books on military and intelligence matters.

Nej men svenskerne skal jo også være rare ved muslimerne, indtil de overtager magten, som en svensk minister sagde fornylig. Så kan det jo ikke nytte at have forsvarskræfter.


‘Mein Kampf’ quiz

Imagine you are on a plane Europe.

You notice that the passenger next to you is read ing a book in a foreign lan guage, and the author’s name catches your eye: Adolf Hitler. The book is “Mein Kampf.” Do you assume he is (a) an academic; (b) a Nazi; (c) an Islamist?

Få svaret på The New York Sun

Must have

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Via LindaSoG


Franske tilstande på Nørrebro

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Der blev knust ruder på Nørrebro i København og en stjålet bil blev brændt af, da en gruppe indvandrer-drenge lavede ballade.

Mere på BT

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