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28 maj 2007

Dummere end politiet tillader – eller…………….???

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The police are considering proposals to share intelligence and information with Muslims before launching anti-terror operations.

The plans, announced by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, are part of a wider vision to engage more with British Muslims whose support police need in fighting terrorism.

Mere på BBC

Er det en ide, Bonnichsen og Findsen supporterer? Skal jeg kategorisere denne under humor? Eller skal man græde?

De korresponderende myndigheder i USA, FBI:

“We are recruiting Muslims as special agents. We have been very active in pushing more for Muslim Americans to consider a career with the FBI.”
—FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

“The bureau is against—has been and will be against—any form of profiling [of Arabs or Muslims].”
—FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

“I don’t know if Mueller knows what he’s doing, or if he’s lost. All I know is the CYA culture and the PC culture are still bad there” at FBI headquarters.”
—former FBI counterintelligence agent Tom Bloch


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EU vil blokere for at deportere kriminelle

Up to 3,000 foreign criminals will be released from prison on to Britain’s streets without any attempt to deport them, Government papers have revealed.

A note sent to probation staff says as few as 250 convicts from European countries will face even preliminary deportation proceedings every year.

It pins the blame on an EU directive which rules that committing a serious crime is no longer sufficient grounds for removal.

The new rules apply to citizens of countries such as Germany, Poland, Romania, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. They also cover those born in countries such as Africa or the Middle East who have been given passports by other EU countries.

Mere på Daily Mail /Limewoody

Den har vi ikke hørt om herhjemme endnu. Læs lige den sidste sætning.

France’s Fateful Choice

Europe is under demographic siege, and France is the keystone of Europe.

Sarkozy appears to understand the problem.

When he told Le Monde two years ago that

“we live in a world where people don’t all have the same scruples,”

he was restating a view deeply odious to the Kantian-liberal mindset: that it is impossible for all cultures and creeds to subscribe to a one-world, “universal morality,” and that those groups that embrace it will inevitably be displaced by those that do not.

Jean Raspail said the same thing when he warned that Westerners are doomed irretrievably to extinction in the century to come, if they hold fast to their utopian delusions:

“No other race subscribes to these moral principles — if that is really what they are — because they are weapons of self-annihilation.”

This key insight is essential in a Western leader, especially one who leads a country with a higher percentage of Muslim immigrants and their offspring than any other developed country in the world. Sarkozy is unlikely to reiterate this insight so openly any time soon, but it is comforting to know that this is what he thinks.

Mere på Chronicles Magazine /Limewoody

HamaSS truer kritiske journalister

Palæstinensiske journalister, der kritiserer terroristorganisationen hamaSS’ beskydning af civile israelere med raketter, bliver nu truet på livet.

Abu Obeida the head of the Izzedin al-Qassam militia said in a statement carried by Hamas’s Palestine Information Centre:

“The time has come for the strange voices and the yellow media to stop stabbing the resistance in the back and go back to the right way. If not, history and the people will not have mercy on any who collude with the enemy against their religion, people and nation.”

Mere på Scotsman. /Limewoody

Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It, Part 1

En serie på Islam Watch.

Part 1: A theory of the Islamization process in European countries [07 Jan, 2007]

Part 2: A Theory of Policies and Laws That Prevents Islamization of a Country – An Integrated Approach [09 Jan, 2007]

Part 3: Reformation of Islam and Various Law and Policy Issues  [12 Jan, 2007]

Part 4: Policy Area 4:  Religious  Freedom  And  Its  Limits  [22 Jan, 2007]


Sharia er mit hjerteslag

Islam er meget mere end en lov religion, det er en religion, som tager udgangspunkt i åndelig fred, hvor man dag for dag renser sit indre og stræber på, at være det perfekte menneske ved, at finde en naturlig balance imellem den ydre verden og den åndelige dimension.

Skriver Helen Latifi på sin blog.  Tip: Fuggy.

Så må vi håbe, hun finder den helt rigtige balance. For ellers………… 🙂


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A schoolgirl was murdered by a fast food shop owner who joked that she had been “chopped up” and had gone into the kebabs, a court heard today.

Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by Iyad Albattikhi, 29, owner of Funny Boyz fast food shop in Blackpool, who it is alleged had sex with the youngster he described as “kinky”, Preston Crown Court was told.

Mere på 24dash

Radikale islamister bliver deporteret til…………

Radical preacher of Muslim hate Abdullah el-Faisal was today deported to Britain from his native Jamaica.

43-year old Faisal had come to Britain in 1992, after studying at the Imam Ibn Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was funded by Saudis to do “Da’wah” or missionary work, in Britain. His da’wah involved preaching hate against Jews and Hindus, and also urging followers to fight Americans.

Mere på Western Resistance /Limewoody

How to End ‘Islamophobia’

The latest survey of American Muslims won’t reassure their fellow citizens.

According to a recent Pew Global Attitudes survey, “younger Muslims in the U.S. are much more likely than older Muslim Americans to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified.” About one out of every four American Muslims under 30 think suicide bombing in defense of Islam is justified in at least some circumstances. Twenty-eight percent believe that Muslims did not carry out the 9/11 attacks and 32% declined to answer that question.

While the survey has been represented in the media as proof of moderation among American Muslims, the actual results should yield the opposite conclusion. If, as the Pew study estimates, there are 2.35 million Muslims in America, that means there are a substantial number of people in the U.S. who think suicide bombing is sometimes justified. Similarly, if 5% of American Muslims support al Qaeda, that’s more than 100,000 people.

It is well past time that Muslims cease using the charge of “Islamophobia” as a tool to intimidate and blackmail those who speak up against suspicious passengers and against those who rightly criticize current Islamic practices and preachings. Instead, Muslims must engage in honest and humble introspection. Muslims should–must–develop strategies to rescue our religion by combating the tyranny of Salafi Islam and its dreadful consequences. Among more important outcomes, this will also put an end to so-called Islamophobia.

Dr. Hamid, a onetime member of Jemaah Islamiya, an Islamist terrorist group, is a medical doctor and Muslim reformer living in the West.

Læs det på The Wall Street Journal /Limewoody

Evidence of a leading Muslim extremist calling for the beheading of British Muslim soldiers has been uncovered.

A video of Abu Izzadeen, preaching his message of hate two years ago, has been discovered on an underground website.

In the video, he said:

“Whoever allies himself with the Kaffirs (non-believers) against the believers – he is one of them.

“He who joins the British Army, the American Army, he is a mortal kaffir and his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed.

“Indeed, whoever changes his deen (Muslim code of life); kill him.”

itv /Limewoody

Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming – Now Skeptics

Following the U.S. Senate’s vote today on a global warming measure (see today’s AP article: Senate Defeats Climate Change Measure,) it is an opportune time to examine the recent and quite remarkable momentum shift taking place in climate science.

Many former believers in catastrophic man-made global warming have recently reversed themselves and are now climate skeptics.  The names included below are just a sampling of the prominent scientists who have spoken out recently to oppose former Vice President Al Gore, the United Nations, and the media driven “consensus” on man-made global warming.

The list below is just the tip of the iceberg.  A more detailed and comprehensive sampling of scientists who have only recently spoken out against climate hysteria will be forthcoming in a soon to be released U.S. Senate report.

Please stay tuned to this website, as this new government report is set to redefine the current climate debate.

In the meantime, please review the list of scientists below and ask yourself why the media is missing one of the biggest stories in climate of 2007. 

Feel free to distribute the partial list of scientists who recently converted to skeptics to your local schools and universities. The voices of rank and file scientists opposing climate doomsayers can serve as a counter to the alarmism that children are being exposed to on a daily basis. (See Washington Post April 16, 2007 article about kids fearing of a “climactic Armageddon” )

The media’s climate fear factor seemingly grows louder even as the latest science grows less and less alarming by the day. (See Der Spiegel May 7, 2007 article: Not the End of the World as We Know It ) It is also worth noting that the proponents of climate fears are increasingly attempting to suppress dissent by skeptics. (See UPI May 10, 2007 article: U.N. official says it’s ‘completely immoral’ to doubt global warming fears )

Once Believers, Now Skeptics ( Link to pdf version 

Mere på U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works /Limewoody

Luck of the Irish

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Nine years after the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, the Northern Irish peace process successfully concluded last Tuesday with the formation of a power-sharing government comprised of once implacable foes, each the most hardline party in its respective camp: the Democratic Unionists for the Protestants, and Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army’s political wing, for the Catholics.

The Israeli-Palestinian process, in contrast, is nowhere near a resolution, despite having begun five years earlier; and in many respects, the conflict has worsened markedly. Yet the starting conditions in Northern Ireland were scarcely more promising. There, too, both sides claimed the same land: The Unionists wanted it to remain part of Britain, while Sinn Fein wanted it annexed to Ireland. And there, too, religious differences – centuries of Catholic-Protestant strife – exacerbated the conflict. Why, then, did the Irish process succeed while the Israeli-Palestinian process failed?

Resten på Jerusalem Post /Limewoody

Skamløse BBC

Surprise! It turns out that Israel is to blame for its “unstable borders.” By Gum, it’s just as if Israel wasn’t attacked by invading Arab armies from its first day of life in 1948, and again in 1967 and 1974, when it pushed back the invaders to achieve some measure of border stability.

Reading Martin Asser’s wildly anti-Israel BBC “history” of the past sixty years, those events never happened.
So Israel’s defensive push-back is twisted into offensive imperialism, and the Beeb manages to “confuse the fire with the fire brigade,” in the apt words of Winston Churchill.

Mere på ‘The American Thinker’. /Limewoody

Politisk islam

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Conservative leader David Cameron has re-ignited the debate about the role of Britain’s Muslim community in tackling extremism.

What are the implications..?



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