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25 februar 2007

Et godt klik

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Terror Awareness Project


Burkaens evolution


Why Are Some People Still Confused About How and Why We Can Fight Islam?

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On February 16, at a meeting in Wittenberg, Germany, Professor Grace Davie (University of Exeter, Britain) said to leaders of Europe’s main Christian traditions: “The presence of Islam …has reopened issues that Europeans thought were closed.”

What was she talking about?

Here was what she said: “You cannot privatise Islam. We have seen that.” Why is her concern about “privatization” of Islam of such concern to her? Why does she bring it up with other Christian leaders? Why is it important to all of us, believers or not?

It is important because the “privatization” of spiritual choice is a fundamental characteristic of Western civilization, and understanding why that is so is essential to our survival.

Mere på Sixth Column via Maverick News Media

Hvordan kan vi nogensinde leve med islam. Artiklen siger, det kan vi kun, ved at få muslimerne til adskille det religiøse og det politiske i islam. Den kommer med henvisninger til hvordan.

Vaccinationer er haram (ikke halal)

Shariah forbyder polio-vaccination og ofre er martyrer!

A cleric in a northern Pakistani village has opposed a foreign-funded polio vaccination campaign of the Pakistan government, urging locals not to take any preventive measures against polio “as those killed during an outbreak are martyrs”.

“I must tell my brothers and sisters that finding a cure (vaccination) for an epidemic before its outbreak is not allowed in Sharia ,” said Maulana Fazlullah during a Friday sermon in Mam Dherai village where he is building a madrassa with local funds.

“According to Sharia, one should avoid going to the areas where an epidemic has broken out, but those who do go to such areas and get killed during an outbreak are martyrs,” he said.

The provincial government has launched an anti-polio campaign to run between February 20 and 22 in selected parts of the province, but there have been reports of people refusing to get their children vaccinated.

Mere på adnkronosinternational. Tip: SilleEllis


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