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31 august 2006

Af kunstnere og forfattere skal man høre den evige visdom

“Min drøm er ikke at sidde forrest i et eller andet globaliseringstog sammen med en solariebrun Anders Fogh. Fordi det tog er på vej ud over afgrunden.”

Michael Rasmussen (trommeslager i The Sandmen) til Berlingske Tidende

MIT’s inconvenient scientist

I attended a week’s worth of lectures on global warming at the Chautauqua Institution last month. Al Gore delivered the kickoff lecture, and, 10 years later, he reiterated Schneider’s directive. There is no science on the other side, Gore inveighed, more than once. Again, the same message: If you hear tales of doubt, ignore them. They are simply untrue.

I ask you: Are these convincing arguments? And directed at journalists, who are natural questioners and skeptics, of all people? What happens when you are told not to eat the apple, not to read that book, not to date that girl? Your interest is piqued, of course. What am I not supposed to know?

The Boston Globe via Powerline

Endnu mere skam over Røde Kors og en endelig en politiker der tør stå op mod medierne

One of the very few politicians to voice concern at this phenomenon is Australia’s foreign minister Alexander Downer, who said:

What concerns me greatly is the evidence of dishonesty in the reporting out of Lebanon. For example, a Reuters photographer was forced to resign after doctoring images to exaggerate the impact of Israeli air attacks. There were the widely-reported claims that Israel had bombed deliberately a Red Cross ambulance.

In subsequent weeks, the world has discovered those allegations do not stand up to even the most rudimentary scrutiny. After closer study of the images of the damage to the ambulance, it is beyond serious dispute that this episode has all the makings of a hoax. Yet some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets, including some of those represented here today, ran that story as fact – unchallenged, unquestioned. Similarly, there has been the tendency to report every casualty on the Lebanese side of the conflict as if a civilian casualty, when it was indisputable that a great many of those injured or killed in Israeli offensives were armed Hezbollah combatants.

My point is this: in a grown-up society such as our own, the media cannot expect to get away with parading falsehoods as truths, or ignoring salient facts because they happen to be inconvenient to the line of argument – or narrative – that particular journalists, or media organisations, might choose to adopt on any given controversy or issue.

Can anyone imagine the British Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, saying this? Of course not. The level of anti-Israel, anti-American madness has reached such a pitch in Britain that any similar expression of alarm at the manifestly blatant mendacity in the reporting of the Middle East has simply become unthinkable.

Now the Red Cross has rebuked Australian Foreign Minister Downer for relying on an “unverified” blog for his claim. As Little Green Footballs observes, this was the same Red Cross which – as LGF previously reported – once the ‘unverified’ blog started using those vanishing journalistic attributes such as eyesight and brain activity to state the overwhelmingly obvious, quietly removed from its website the high-resolution image of the ambulance that had allegedly been struck. For if these pictures were indeed a lie, then the Red Cross itself is squarely in the frame for disseminating it.

* The claim that Israel fired a missile which hit a Reuters vehicle and wounded two cameramen. One was a Reuters employee, Fadel Shana; the other, Sabbah Hmaida, was described by Reuters as working for a “local news website”; although as Little Green Footballs noted, he was also reported variously as working for

1) a local news web site, 2) an Arabic network, 3) Palestinian Media Group, and 4) Dubai TV

– and now Caroline Glick has revealed in the Jerusalem Post that he was actually working for none other than Iran.

Mere hos Melanie Philips