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16 august 2006

Fjenden midt iblandt os

Fra The Brussels Journal

In Turkey last May it struck me that the Turks have far more realistic views on the danger of islamism than the European political and media establishment. At least they do not equate criticism of islamism with criticism of religious Muslims.

A Turkish friend told me that I would always be welcome in her country if the Belgian authorities should prosecute me for alleged “racism” or “islamophobia.” She was a Muslim herself but said that she did not understand why the West European countries tolerate islamist extremism to a degree that is not tolerated in her country.

She explained that it was easy to recognize who the fanatics are. “Just watch the way people dress,” she said.

“I have seen you wear a headscarf myself,” I said.

hijab.jpg“I am not talking about headscarves, which are the traditional women’s wear of the Turkish countryside, but about hijabs and burqas,” she said.

“Are you saying that all the women wearing those are terrorists?” I asked.

“No, but you can be fairly sure that families where the women dress like that sympathize with the terrorists.”

We see growing numbers of these women in our European cities. If my Turkish friend is right it is relatively easy for the police to establish where to find potential terrorists. I am opposed to thought crimes, but I wonder why European governments that introduce such crimes for so-called “racists” and “islamophobes” do not make it a thought crime to sympathize with terrorists. If one can be arrested for carrying a swastika flag, why is one allowed to demonstrate in front of Westminster with the Hezbollah flag (which depicts a machine gun)?

Læs resten! Billedet illustrerer en Hijab.

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  1. Hello, there! That should be required reading for all members of the Danish Parliament (everybody employed at Circus Christiansborg) so they will know who to let into the danmark and who not to let into danmark. It seems like now we are getting all the bad ones – we would like to get a better grade – like the good ones. The ones who understand our values and the Danish way of life and who can help the danmark to grow and make Denmark a civilized country again.


    Kommentar af palle ericksen — 18 august 2006 @ 03:52

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