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12 august 2006

Er klokken 5 minutter i 12?

The War Is Coming, No Matter How Hard We Try to Evade It

by Robert Tracinski
I have noticed a recent trend in war commentary, starting a few weeks after the beginning of the current conflict in Lebanon. The trend began with a series of analogies between recent events and the events of the 1930s, leading up to World War II.
In the August 2 Washington Times, for example, Kenneth Timmerman referred to the Lebanon War as “Islamofascism’s 1936.” Just as the Spanish Civil War that began in that year was a preview of World War II—the 1937 bombing of Guernica  was Hermann Goering’s test of the ability of aerial bombing to destroy cities—so Timmerman argues that the Lebanon War is a preview of a larger conflict: “Iran…is testing the international community’s response, as it prepares for a future war.” (Jack Wakeland made a similar point in the July 19 edition of TIA Daily.)
For others on the pro-war right, the preferred analogy is 1938, the year in which Western appeasement of Hitler emboldened him to further attacks. That year’s Munich Agreement—the “diplomatic solution” to a German-fomented crisis in Czechoslovakia, abandoned Czechoslovakia to Hitler in exchange for promises that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain claimed would guarantee “peace for our time.” On August 7, the headline of a Washington Times editorial asked: is the Bush administration’s proposed diplomatic solution for Lebanon an attempt to secure “Peace in Our Time?”
Over at National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg picks 1939, wondering if Israel will fall to a Sunni-Shiite pact, just as Poland fell to a Nazi-Soviet pact, while John Batchelor, writing in the New York Sun, is more ecumenical, citing analogies to 1936, 1938, 1939, and even America in 1941.
British commentator David Pryce-Jones, in his blog at National Review Online, sums up the general sense of things:
I have often wondered what it would have been like to live through the Thirties. How would I have reacted to the annual Nuremberg Party rallies, the rants against the Jews, and Hitler’s foreign adventures which the democracies did nothing to oppose, the occupation of the Rhineland and Austria, Nazi support for Franco in the Spanish civil war, and the rest of it. Appeasement was then considered wise, and has only become a dirty word with hindsight….
Now Iran is embarked on foreign adventures in Iraq and Syria and Lebanon. It is engaged on all-out armament programs, and is evidently hard at work developing the nuclear weapon that will give it a dimension of power that Hitler did not have…. Appeasement is again considered wise.
What these commentators are picking up is not an exact parallel to any one event of the 1930s—hence their scattershot of historical analogies. Instead, what they are picking up is a sense of the overall direction of world events: we are clearly headed toward a much larger, bloodier conflict in the Middle East, but no one in the West wants to acknowledge it, prepare for it, or begin to fight it.

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Bernard-Henri Lévy i NYT om Israels, Libanons og Palæstinas situation

No, the problem, the real one, is that these incoming rockets make us see what will happen on the day — not necessarily far off — when the rockets are ones with new capabilities: first, they will become more accurate and be able to threaten, for example, the petrochemical facilities you see there, on the harbor, down below; second, they may come equipped with chemical weapons that can create a desolation compared with which Chernobyl and Sept. 11 together will seem like a mild prelude.

For that, in fact, is the situation. As seen from Haifa, this is what is at stake in the operation in southern Lebanon. Israel did not go to war because its borders had been violated. It did not send its planes over southern Lebanon for the pleasure of punishing a country that permitted Hezbollah to construct its state-within-a-state. It reacted with such vigor because the Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s call for Israel to be wiped off the map and his drive for a nuclear weapon came simultaneously with the provocations of Hamas and Hezbollah. The conjunction, for the first time, of a clearly annihilating will with the weapons to go with it created a new situation. We should listen to the Israelis when they tell us they had no other choice anymore.

Hezbollah has in effect relegated the Palestinian question to the background. As indifferent as the traditional Arab leaders may have been, in their innermost selves, to the fate of the inhabitants of Gaza and Nablus, at least they still pretended they cared. Whereas the Hezbollah leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, doesn’t even try to pretend. The suffering and rights of the Palestinians are no longer, in his own Islamo-fascist geopolitics, either a cause to fight for or even an alibi. You just have to read the very charter of his movement, or listen to his proclamations on Al Manar, the Hezbollah TV channel, to see that he has little concern with that relic from ancient eras that is Arab nationalism in general and Palestinian nationalism in particular. (Only the naked hatred remains.) Instead, he dreams of a reconciled Islamic community, a new umma, with Iran as the base, Syria the armed branch and Hezbollah the invading spear tip. He will employ the means of war without the usual practical goals of war. There remain the three neglected casualties of this new Iranian-style jihad: Israel, Lebanon and Palestine.

NYT via DemocracyFrontline

Der har være lidt disput om at jeg – af nysgerrighed – berettede om et forsøg på at få Hagia Sophia tilbage på kristne hænder

Så kan man berette om Cordoba Moskeen i Spanien, her foregår det samme bare med modsat fortegn. På internet findes en underskriftindsamling med henblik på at standse udbygningen af den som kristen kirke, hvilket har stået på de sidste 500 år. Ifølge Robert Spencer er moskeen bygget ovenpå en kristen katedral.

For 15 år siden fik muslimerne lov til at foretage bøn i kirken, det har paven siden forbudt. I 2004 foretog en muslimsk gruppe bøn i kirken, som konsekvent af muslimer kaldes moske, uden tilladelse og blev jaget på porten.

Det kunne være der skulle mere reciprocitet ind i disse spørgsmål? Eller mener de politisk korrekte, at det er godt, at muslimerne kommer ind i ‘moskeen’ i Spanien, og de kristne holdes ude af Hagia Sofia? Og at muslimerne holder jøderne væk fra Tempelbjerget? Kan man få et svar på en løsning?

Tanveer Ahmed: Why Islam is the new Marx

The similarities of communism and Islam are considerable. Both are egalitarian and advocate radical economic change. They both demand a domination of the public space and share a dogmatic, ideological view of the world.

Political Islam is also supplying the social services in a collective context that communism promised, and the status of groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah depends on this. Their facilities are often described by locals as superior to those provided by the ruling governments.

Islam also promises to deliver the poor masses from oppression, but there is a difference: instead of the working class rising up against the bourgeoisie, the uprising to be encouraged is by hapless, impoverished Muslims against their oppressive Western masters or puppet Arab leaders. And like communism, Islam believes the collective must be preserved at the expense of the individual. We are social beings first, individuals second.

Mere på The Australian Tip: SkyLark

Så vidt jeg kan se, kan ovenstående også appliceres på nazismen i dens tidlige periode.

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Nobel-vinder var frivillig i Waffen-SS

En af Tysklands mest anerkendte forfattere, nobelprismodtageren Günter Grass, var som ganske ung medlem af Waffen-SS.

Den 78-årige forfatter kryber til korset i et interview med Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, fordi han efter eget udsagn ikke længere kunne leve med ikke at have gjort rent bord.

Mere i EkstraBladet

Indtil nu har det officielt heddet sig at: “Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt hieß es in den veröffentlichten Biografien des Schriftstellers stets, er sei 1944 Flakhelfer geworden und danach als Wehrmachtssoldat einberufen worden. Nach Kriegsende verblieb er bis 1946 in US-amerikanischer Gefangenschaft.”


„Entsetzt sehen wir, dass der Kapitalismus, seitdem sein Bruder, der Sozialismus, für tot erklärt wurde, vom Größenwahn bewegt ist und sich ungehemmt auszutoben begonnen hat.”
(Günter Grass in der Nobelpreisrede).

„Mein Blick vom Grubenrand ist der Blick auf eine offene, nicht mehr verheilende Wunde.”
(Günter Grass beim Besuch eines Braunkohletagebaus)

„Halt’s Maul! Trink deinen Rotwein, fahr’ in die Ferien, such’ dir eine sinnvolle Beschäftigung.”
(Oktober 1999 zu Oskar Lafontaine, der die rot-grüne Koalition kritisiert, zitiert nach Berlin-Online)

„Bin Laden ist von der CIA ausgebildet worden, beziehungsweise mit Geldern von dort, gemeinsam mit anderen Mudschahidin.” (Spiegel-Online, 10. Oktober 2001)

„Wir alle wissen, dass die USA mit ihrem Geheimdienst CIA eine kriminelle Organisation unterhalten, aber nur wenige sagen dies auch.”
(21. Januar 2006 auf einer Diskussion der spanischen Prinz-von-Asturíen-Stiftung, zitiert nach n-tv)

„Im Westen wird derzeit selbstgefällig die Diskussion über den Grundsatz geführt, daß wir das Recht auf eine freie Presse genießen. Aber wer hier nicht Selbstbetrug betreibt, weiß genau, daß die Zeitungen von Anzeigen leben, und daß sie Rücksicht darauf nehmen, was bestimmte wirtschaftliche Kräfte diktieren. Die Presse selbst ist Teil enormer Unternehmensgruppen, welche die öffentliche Meinung monopolisieren. Wir haben das Recht verloren, unter dem Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung Schutz zu suchen.” (El PAIS Interview, zitiert nach Die Welt, 10. Februar 2006)

„Gegenwärtig sind wir – was sich nicht als Gewinn erwiesen hat – nur noch der Hybris einer einzigen Großmacht ausgeliefert, die auf der Suche nach einem neuen Feind fündig geworden ist. Den von ihr mitverschuldeten, weil – siehe Bin Laden – gezüchteten Terrorismus will sie mit Waffengewalt besiegen. Doch der von ihr gewollte und die Gesetze der zivilisierten Welt mißachtende Krieg fördert den Terror und kann nicht enden.”
(Günter Grass bei der Eröffnung des 72. Internationalen P.E.N.-Kongresses am 23. Mai 2006 in Berlin)

Mellemøstekspert: Terrorsagen i London bærer tydelige hetZZbollah fingeraftryk

Mellemøsteksperten Kenneth Timmermann mener Londonsagen bærer tydeligt præg af hetZZbollah forbindelser.

En sag fra Frankrig i 1986 ligner den aktuelle. Her blev hetZZbollah-terrorister fanget i Frankrig med flydende eksplosiver, der blev smuglet i små beholdere.

Timmermann mener envidere, at Uran har haft nære forbindelser med Al-Qaeda siden 1993, og at der er Al-Qaeda medlemmer med i koordineringen af kampene i Libanon.

Han udtaler, at Uran har trænet Al-Qaeda i Libanon op igennem 1990’erne, og at de har været i Uran. CIA’s udtalelser om, at islam-eksperter mener, at dette ikke kan lade sig gøre på grund af forskellene mellem shia- og wahhabi-sunnier, er ikke rigtige: “Når det gælder om at dræbe amerikanere og israelere, kommer de fint ud af det sammen.” 


Meningsmåling i USA: 40% mener muslimer bør have speciel ID

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En ny meningsmåling i USA viser, at 40% mener at muslimer bør have en speciel ID og 57% mener, at de bør have ekstra sikkerhedscheck i lufthavne.

31% vil ikke have muslimer som naboer. 31% vil føle nervøsitet ved en muslimsk mand på samme fly, mens 18% vil være nervøse ved en muslimsk kvinde. Mindre end halvdelen – 49% – mener at muslimer, der lever i USA er loyale overfor landet.

34% mener at amerikanske muslimer er loyale overfor Al-Qaeda og 44% mener muslimer er for ekstreme i deres religiøsitet. 52% mener at muslimer ikke respekterer kvinder.