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10 august 2006

Hvad vi har brug for er kreativ instabilitet i Mellemøsten

Interview med Mark Steyn i Australsk ABC-TV

TONY JONES: OK. You’ve obviously thought this through because if the clear enemy of stability – in fact, you don’t like stability, do you?


TONY JONES: I forgot about that.

MARK STEYN: (Laughs). Stability is the enemy. Stability gave us 9/11 and nuclear Iran and Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. The stability of the present Middle East has been a disaster for the world.

TONY JONES: Alright. If you maintained the real problem, let’s put it that way, is Tehran, what can be done about it realistically because the United States is talking about sanctions, while Iran is simultaneously rebuilding or building with greater energy its nuclear capacity and it is attempting to build a nuclear weapon. That’s obviously clear.


TONY JONES: Are you suggesting there has to be military conflict in order to stop that?

MARK STEYN: I think at some point it will come to that and so I think if you know you’re going to be eventually in a military conflict with a certain power, then all you can do is try to control the timing as much as you can to your advantage. I don’t think anyone in the United States is eager to go to war with Iran right now. At the same time, they understand that Iran has always believed in exporting its terrorism beyond its jurisdiction. Iran has never been a conventional nation state, as we understand it. The Ayatollah Khamenei always saw the revolution as speaking for Muslims all over the world and, in a sense, every little story we’ve seen in the last couple of years from the Danish cartoon crisis to this nuclear thing, vindicates his view of the situation that in fact you can universalise Islam as an identity and make a whole heap of trouble for people.

Mere af det tankevækkende interview på ABC Lateline via DemocracyFrontline (som angiver at intervieweren er lyserød).

Venstrefløjens første bud: Du må ikke have succes

I forlængelse af Uriaspostens post idag om moral og medielogik kan jeg supplere med den amerikanske akademiske feminist Phyllis Cheslers forklaring på, hvorfor venstrefløjen skiftede fra at støtte Israel og til palæstinenserne.

Her bringes uddrag fra The Australian: Brian Wimborne: Left in perversity

“IN her book The New Anti-Semitism (2005), American feminist academic Phyllis Chesler writes: “The American and European Left have made a marriage in hell with their Islamic counterparts. The same Left that has still never expressed any guilt over its devotion to communist dictators who murdered millions of their own people in the service of a Great Idea has now finally, fatefully, joined the world jihadic chorus in calling for the end to racist Zionism and to the Jewish apartheid stateOnly recently, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the shrinking of the working class in developed economies, have numerous other groups become the Left’s favoured victims. These include indigenes, welfare dependents, homosexuals, refugees (especially if they are illegal immigrants) and displaced populations of dysfunctional states primarily in Africa and South America. Failure, in addition to class, has become a desired prerequisite for joining the Left’s brotherhood of victims. Through its support of those it deems less fortunate, the Left assumes a moral high ground from which it feels self-righteously justified in attacking those it designates as oppressors.

At the conclusion of World War II, the Jewish people were added to the Left’s list of stereotypical victims.

Designated a victim-state by the Left, Israel did not live up to expectations.

Paradoxically, the state’s success has been the reason the Left turned against Israel. Within a few years of its foundation, Israel had broken the first commandment of the Left’s ideology: “Thou shalt not succeed.” Success is anathema to the Left because it puts an end to victimhood; without victims the Left has no reason to exist.

From the Left’s rigidly dialectical viewpoint, the world is made up solely of victims and oppressors, and if Israel is no longer a victim it has to be an oppressor

For instance, in his 1983 essay Fateful Triangle, American polemicist Noam Chomsky portrayed Israel as a terrorist state similar to Nazi Germany. Chomsky’s central premise is that Israel should cease to exist because it is “a state based on the principle of discrimination”. That only in Israel have Palestinians enjoyed full citizenship rights for more than a half-century is something he conveniently ignores.

Closer to home, Australia’s counterfactual journalist John Pilger argues that Israel’s “brutal subjugation of the Palestinians is, under any interpretation of the law, an epic injustice, a crime”. This is despite the historical evidence that the real subjugation of the Palestinians has occurred in Arab countries and in Gaza and the West Bank, under the tyranny of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

In short, Israel has become the aggressor; terrorists or so-called insurgents, by contrast, are the darlings of the Left.

In addition to Israel’s failure to play the role of victim-state, there is another reason for the Left’s about-face in respect of Israel. The Left has long been permeated with anti-Semitism. It should not be forgotten that the Nazis (an acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party) had strong left-wing antecedents. The Nazis’ doppelganger, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, not only supported traditional Russian anti-Jewish movements but organised pogroms for its own political purposes.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this, it is that where morality is concerned, the Left is value free. It draws no distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice. Hence, in the minds of leftists, the terrorist becomes a freedom fighter and murderers are transformed into heroes. This should surprise no one. In the past century the Left gave rise to national socialism and international socialism; today it continues to function without a semblance of moral rectitude, offering support of any group it designates as victims.”

Fundet via DemocracyFrontline

Boykot Kari Bremnes, Ole Paus, Sigvart Dagsland og Carola.

Sjef for Carolas norske plateselskap, Erik Hillestad, oppfordrer til boikott av israelske kunstnere.

Å samarbeide med israelere nå, vil være et svik mot palestinere, sier Erik Hillestad, sjef for Kirkelig Kulturverksted.

Hillestad er en profilert figur i kristen-Norge. Kirkelig Kulturverksted gir ut plater med blant andre Kari Bremnes, Ole Paus, Sigvart Dagsland og Carola.

Hillestad har skrevet under et internasjonalt opprop, satt i gang av den palestinsknederlandske filmskaperen Hany Abu-Assad, som sto bak den Oscar-nominerte filmen «Paradis nå». Oppropet går ut på å bryte all kontakt med israelske kunstnere og kunstnerorganisasjoner, og oppfordre alle andre til å gjøre det.

Mere på Dagbladet

Dele af den norske kirke vil støtte hetzbollah ved at boykotte Israel. De skulle skamme sig – thi de ikke vide hvad de gør. Naragtige politisk korrekte dhimmier.

Her er en del af deres egen omtale til en af deres CD’er “LULLABIES FROM THE AXIS OF EVIL”

On January 29, 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush gave his famous “State of the Union Address” to the American people wherein he launched the term “The Axis of Evil”. In this speech, he pointed out Iran, Iraq, North Korea “and their allies”, as being the enemies of the U.S. and the free, democratic world.

“I went to Palestine first. This is where the enemy-lines between east and west, the mistrust and lack of understanding is most striking and obvious. This is also where the international community has faced its most tragic disability of creating peace, in spite of having had the issue on the agenda for decades, and in spite of carrying a big portion of the responsibility for the situation being as it is. The area of The Holy Land, where three major religions in earlier days were able to live in peace for centuries is the area where the double standards of the western world work as a constant injection of fuel to growing extreme fundamentalism in the Muslim world. Jawaher Shofani”

Hvordan generer vi Israel mest muligt?

When the Israelis capture Arabs in their wars, the captured Arabs are well fed, well housed, and eventually returned to their homes. When the Arabs (specifically the Syrians) have captured Israelis, they castrate them, cut off their male organs, decapitate the Israelis, and stuff their male organs in their mouths and leave the bodies on the field. Sometimes they also defecate on the bodies.

Israel has a population of about six million Jews. If a rocket hits a group of Israelis who are lying in the sun and kills 12 of them, that is the equivalent of the United States losing 600 men in one rocket attack. If nine Israeli civilians are killed in a rocket attack on a Haifa repair shop, that is the equivalent of the USA losing 540 civilians in one swoop.

Hezbollah is basically an arm of the Iranian army. Iran has a population of close to 70 million. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, are eager to join the fight against Eretz Israel. Even if by some miracle Israel wiped out every Hezbollah killer in Lebanon tomorrow, Iran could easily replace them forever. Resupplying the missilery is child’s play: just buy it from China, our dear friends, who will sell it to anyone. This means Israel is in for an extremely prolonged, agonizing period of suffering.

For anyone with even a sliver of sensitivity to see this happening to a people who have already suffered more than any other people in history, is torture. To see George W. Bush stand up for Israel while the left whines about totally meaningless multilateralism — which means asking France to defend Israel, sort of like asking Martin Bormann to defend Israel — is to see clear decency versus a waffling, age-old anti-Semitic sickness.
Så kan man læse følgende i VG

Sør-Libanon vil bli en gravplass for israelske invasjonsstyrker, erklærte Hizbollahs leder Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah onsdag.

Og følgende i EkstraBladet

Medlemmer af Irans Revolutionsgarde er blevet fundet blandt Hizbollah-oprørere, dræbt af israelske styrker i det sydlige Libanon, oplyste den israelske tv-station, Kanal 10, onsdag ved at citere diplomatiske kilder.Tv-stationen sagde, at iranerne var blevet identificeret på baggrund af de papirer, der blev fundet på dem. Men der blev ikke nævnt noget om, hvor mange, der var blevet fundet, eller hvornår det var sket.
Og så læser man dette

Norge overvejer en stramning af loven, der forbyder hvervning af nordmænd til krigstjeneste i andre lande

Hvad drejer det sig om?

Tidligere på ugen kom det frem, at organisationen Sar-el hverver nordmænd til krigstjeneste på israelske militærbaser. Ifølge de norske statsradiofoni, NRK, vil omkring 20 nordmænd i år gøre tjeneste i Israel. Nu reagerer den norske regering ved at overveje en stramning af loven.

Nordmændene, der rejser til Israel er underlagt israelsk militærkommando og arbejder med rengøring, pakning af udstyr og vedligeholdelse af kampvogne.

Så spørger man: Hvad gør de for at forhindre muslimer i at rejse til mellemøsten og deltage på hetzbollahs side? Der har jo lige været 1000’er af skandinaver dernede på ferie? Og hvor mange blev dernede?

Og dette er vel også det samme som at støtte hetzbollah og obstruere Israel. Men det er jo ikke krigstjeneste – nej der er humanitært solidaritetsarbejde.

Nyttige idioter

Activists trickle to Lebanon to protest Israel war

International and local activists are planning on Saturday to bring a civilian convoy to southern Lebanon, worst hit by Israel’s 28-day-old war on Hizbollah, to deliver aid and show solidarity with suffering residents.

“We hope this will be the first of what will become continuous convoys to show that there are civilians being killed and affected by this war,” Adam Shapiro, an American documentary filmmaker and human rights activist, told Reuters.

“If governments are failing to act, we as citizens will.”

Shapiro, 34, is among several activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a pro-Palestinian group that usually works to bring attention to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, who have traveled to Lebanon seeking non-violent ways to support local groups protesting the war.

This time, however, the activists will not be facing Israeli soldiers, tanks or bulldozers but aerial bombardment.

“I’m not sure we can be as ambitious as to end the war but certainly we can change the dynamic,” Shapiro said. “In the media this has so far been portrayed as a war between Israel and Hizbollah. Maybe we can change the dynamic so it is seen as what it is, Israel versus all of Lebanon.”

Mere på Al-Reuters via DemocracyFrontline. At det er Reuters ser man tydeligt på overskriften – ‘Israels krig’ og indholdet – Israel mod Libanon. Sender de også grupper til Israel for at beskytte civile der? Og de gør det for at vise, at det er en krig mellem Israel og Libanon. Men ikke et ord om at det er en krig mellem hetzbollah og den israelske civilbefolkning.