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1 maj 2006

Om turisme til de muslimske lande

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Fundet på LindaSoG

Hvad handler krisen i Darfur i virkeligheden om – JIHAD

Og hvad fortæller George Looney og hans PC venner ikke om det, de kalder ‘urolighederne’ i Darfur?Også DR kan berette fra Darfur uden at nævne ordet islam eller jihad med et eneste ord.

Simon Deng, Forhenværende Sudanesisk Slave, Menneskeretsaktivist

Holdt en tale i International Humanist and Ethical Union i 2005:


“My name is Simon Aban Deng. I am from Sudan. I am a Shiluk by tribe. I am a Christian by religion. I belong to a people who have been subjected to mass murder, slavery, systematic rape, religious persecution, enforced starvation, dislocation, exile.

We are the victims of genocide, both physical and cultural. We have been targeted for annihilation as human beings and as members of a culture. These miseries did not fall upon us from the sky; we have been and remain the victims of the radical jihadist regime in Khartoum.

The scale of our losses has been enormous in the two genocides perpetrated by the Islamists – two, not one.

Starting in 1955, the year before independence was granted by the British, up until 1973, 1.5 million Southern Sudanese Christians were slaughtered by the Arab/Muslim dominated government in Khartoum.

From 1983 until just 3 months ago when a peace treaty was brokered by the United States, we Southern Sudanese lost 2 million more to what Khartoum calls a holy war against the infidels.

Yes, I am an infidel according to their definition. I think many of you are as well. We black “infidels” in the South, Christians and other non-Muslims, refused to be ruled by Islam, and we refused to be Arabized.

Our only offense was our determination to remain faithful to our religion and to honor our African cultures. For these “crimes” The National Islamic Front regime has committed genocide against us.

Not only has that genocide produced the largest body-count of murdered innocents since the Nazis and the work of Joseph Stalin’s followers, but it has also produced the largest population of refugees anywhere on earth since the Second World War.”

“I am standing before you today, ladies and gentlemen, a victim of Sudanese Arab enslavement in Sudan. I was a slave. I am not ashamed to say it. When I was nine year’s old, my village was raided by Arab troops in the pay of Khartoum. As we ran into the bush to escape I watched as childhood friends were shot dead and the old and the weak who were unable to run were burned alive in their huts. I was abducted and given to an Arab family as a “gift.” A “gift,” ladies and gentlemen. When you look at me, do you see a gift? Do I look like an object or a commodity? I am a human being, a person created in the image of God, a simple truth the jihadists did not and can not recognize.”

“The jihadists in Khartoum have a great challenge in Sudan, the Land of the Blacks. Those Arabs and Sudanese who have chosen to be culturally Arab are so comparatively few – and the blacks are so many. Still, they have done their work with great efficiency.

They have been well-armed by their friends in the Arab world. They committed genocide against us in the South and they got away with it: the world simply looked away. Now they have turned their attention west, to Darfur. Some are watching; most are not.”

“Finally, let me turn to address Muslim believers. Surely you know the enslavement and slaughter of millions of people is evil. Does your religion condone these crimes against humanity? If it does not, why don’t you speak up to condemn these crimes, these sins? The genocide and slavery perpetrated by the government of Khartoum is done in the name of the ideology of jihad. Thus, these crimes appear to be committed, by implication, in your name, in the name of the religion you hold sacred.”

“There are 2-3 million Southern Sudanese refugees in another part of Sudan where they are treated like dogs; they are not even considered citizens because in Sudan citizenship is based on religion, and only Muslims qualify.

The laws relating to citizenship rights place the nation’s black African Christians at the bottom, in legal limbo without status or rights. Muslim men are first-class citizens. The second–class citizens of the Sudan are Arab Muslim men from any other Islamic country, and the third-class citizens are the Arab Muslim women.  

The infidel Africans of that nation are not considered by jihadists to be full citizens; this despite the fact that nearly 90% of the population is black African.”

“I direct these last words principally to the United Nations. Do you stand for all human rights? Do you stand for all human liberties? Do you care about the dignity of all of the people of the world, including those branded by jihadists as infidels?

The questions I have asked are repeated every single day by millions of black Sudanese. Can you answer me?The failure of the United Nations to guarantee the basic rights of the slaves of Sudan and other black African “infidels” is shameful beyond my ability to express.”

Hele talen findes her

Asmaa indklager 2 aviser for pressenævnet

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“Hun har til pressenævnet klaget over to aviser, Nordjyske Stiftstidende og Næstved Tidende. De har begge på lederplads påstået, at hun går ind for sharia-lovgivning i Danmark, stening og dødsstraf.Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, der også sidder i Odense byråd for Enhedslisten, har flere gange forklaret, at hun ikke går ind for sharia her i landet og at hun tager afstand fra stening og dødsstraf, kalder begge dele for ‘barbarisk’, hvorfor hun mener medierne har skadet hendes omdømme.”

Hele historien på Ekstrabladet 

Men da følgende er gældende – og det kan hun vel ikke nægte:

Most people in the West believe that Islam is a religion in the traditional sense of the word. However, this is a fateful misconception. Islam is not just a religion. It is much more than a religion. Muslims themselves describe their faith by saying, Islam is a Complete Way of Life. This is certainly a more apt description, because Islam is a religious, social, economic, educational, health, political, and philosophic way of life. In fact, Islam is an all-embracing socio-politico-religious utopian ideology that encompasses every field of human endeavor.

Så er det jo ikke muligt at tage nogen elementer ud – idet koranen er ‘gúds’ ord og står ikke til diskussion? Hvordan kan Asmaa da tage afstand fra sharia? Ifølge ovennævnte vil afstandtagen fra sharia svare til afstandtagen fra islam.

The Islamic Shariah, has been made by Allah himself and reflects the Maker’s perfection, glory and the light of omniscience which covers, in a sweep, all the possibilities of both the infinite past and and infinite future. The Omniscient Being has made the Islamic Shariah in such a manner that it embraces all the affairs and problems of the present and the future. The Almighty Allah has ordinated that there shall be no modification of His law since no change of time or space or the vicissitudes of human circumstances necessitate any amendment there-in: 

“There is no changing in the words of Allah.” (10:64)

Og sagt på en anden måde:

When such a (islamic) society comes into existence, the Book and the Messenger prescribe for it a code of life called the Shariah and this society is bound to conform to it by virtue of the contract is has entered into. It is, therefore, inconceivable that a real Muslim society can deliberately adopt any other system of life than that based on the Shariah. If it does so, its contract is ipso facto broken and it becomes ‘un-Islamic’.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali tvunget af retskendelse til at forlade sin bolig

Hirsi Ali er ved retten i Holland blevet dømt til at forlade sin lejlighed, idet hendes naboer har ført sag mod hende.

De føler, at deres sikkerhed er truet ved at være naboer til hende.

Mere på France-Echos 

Og naboerne mener, at deres sikkerhed er truet – hvad med Hirsi Ali, der må leve med politibekyttelse døgnet rundt? Hvad bliver det næste – at de dømmer hende ude af landet. Flere parlamentsmedlemmer i Holland har tidligere bedt hende om at udtræde af parlamentet.

Der er kun en ting at sige til det – DHIMMIER!

Nyt for husarerne – burka bikini

Angående tørklædediskussionen:


Fundet på Seniorentreff – de tyske senioren er ikke uefne 🙂

Her er til gengæld lidt modgift.

Jeg gad så vide om denne hijab/burka er halal:


Og hvad siger muslimerne mon til denne side?