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28 april 2006

Misyar ægteskab tillades officielt af tribunal i Dubai

På disse links kan du læse om Mut’a marriage og Misyar marriage.Bemærk at en mand der har haft 4 Muta ægteskaber er garanteret en plads i megabordellet paradis.Via Warner’s Desk

Gulf women enraged over Islamic ruling on strings-free marriage

DUBAI: An Islamic tribunal’s ruling that allows Sunni men to marry without having to live with or financially support their wives has enraged Gulf women’s rights activists who say Islamic marriage is unfair enough already. The Mecca-based Islamic Jurisprudence Assembly announced on April 12 that so-called Misyar marriage – from the colloquial Gulf Arabic word for visitor – was permitted, drawing the ire of women in the region.
Kuwaiti activist Rola Dashti said the move, which skirts around Islamic rules on extramarital sexual relationships and relieves men of responsibility for their wives, “destroys the fundamentals of a family.”
“The rights which would be abandoned by a woman [in this kind of marriage] are essential to build a stable family,” said Dashti, who also heads the Kuwait Economic Society.
The edict says “a marriage contract in which the woman relinquishes [her right to] housing and support money … and accepts that the man visits her in her [family] house whenever he likes, day or night … is valid.”
But by giving up her rights with such a marriage, which is usually seen as temporary, the wife would not necessarily receive a penny when divorced.

Fra DemocracyFrontline (læs kommentarerne – der er et langt indlæg fra en frafalden muslimsk kvinde).

Se også: Alfonseri i Moskeen!

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  1. læs min kommentar derinde.


    Kommentar af Marie — 29 april 2006 @ 03:05

  2. […] Bemærk at en mand, der har haft 4 Muta ægteskaber, er garanteret en plads i megabordellet paradis. […]


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