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30 marts 2006

New York University har haft en høring om Muhammed tegningerne

NYU: The Danish Cartoons without The Danish Cartoons

“The most famous, news making cartoons in history”

In order to allow entry to non-NYU guests, the student organization sponsoring this event has been forced by NYU administrators to NOT display the Danish cartoons. The panel discussion on free speech will nevertheless proceed as planned.

I made it downtown early and a kind sweet fellow Objectivist, RB,  promised to save me a seat. Upon my arrival, there was one lone free speech demonstrator with roughly 25 Islamic students mulling around across the street handing out flyers on “intolerance”. Whoa, the irony. Strong police presence.

No media save one FOX cameraman and reporter and while I spoke to them, I am sure they won’t run what I said. When asked about the toons I said “Why hasn’t FOX run the Danish cartoons?, Why has FOX submitted to dhimmitude? This is America! ” Like I said, don’t expect to see it anytime soon.


Hele historien på Atlas Shrugs

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