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26 marts 2006

Sagen om pigen i UK der fik dom for ikke at måtte bære hijab i skolen viste at hun blev brugt af Hizb ut-Tahrir

While perhaps not as diligent on this score as the Times, the Telegraph has certainly not neglected to cover Hizb involvement in the case, as in a Charles Moore piece dated March 5, 2005 – and, more recently, in an opinion piece from just last month, wherein Vicki Woods writes:

“At a subsequent meeting about her non-attendance, she was accompanied not by her father (who died when she was little), nor by her mother (who spoke no English), but by her brother, Shuweb Rahman, and ‘another young man’. Both young men apparently acted ‘aggressively’ and were ‘not prepared to compromise’. Shabina did not attend school for the next two years.”

What will perhaps be the Telegraph’s last words on the issue (who am I kidding?) are given to Boris Johnson, who holds forth today in typical style:

“And since the school refused to knuckle under, the extremist Islamic organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir backed a case for breach of her human rights, and soon Shabina had a starring role in the great Rocky Horror Show of British self-flagellation, featuring Cherie Blair, Matrix Chambers, assorted terrified judges and a chorus of cretinous articles by retired feminists, famous for living colourful lives in the 1970s, in which they declared that the jilbab was really rather lovely and “empowering”, and that they wished they had worn one themselves. “

So both the Times and Telegraph are to be commended for the completeness of the coverage, as far as Ms. Begum’s links to Hizb are concerned. But what of coverage in the left-leaning papers?

The Independent can be dispensed with at once. While the Indy was certainly covering the case, with 19 articles containing “all the words” “Shabina Begum” emerging from its collection, not a single one contains the word “Hizb”, according to the search engine on site. A google search supports this.

The same cannot be said for the Guardian. This isn’t altogether surprising, as Guardian coverage of the story has far exceeded that of the rest of the “quality press” – in fact, it dates back to February of 2004, a full year before the case become widely reported.

Læs det hele på Daily Ablution

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