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22 marts 2006

BRITISH tourists maimed in terrorist attacks abroad have been refused Government compensation — and advised to sue OSAMA BIN LADEN.

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Scores of victims left penniless and unable to work have had their claims turned down by ministers because they were injured overseas.

Trevor Lakin, 56, whose son died in an Egyptian suicide blast, was officially told to seek damages from “the perpetrator”.

He said last night: “It beggars belief. How do you sue a suicide bomber?”

The grieving dad was appalled by ministers’ response when he begged for help to bury tragic Jeremy.

An official Government letter advised him to “look for compensation to the perpetrator”.

But Trevor, 56, said it was impossible to sue dead bombers — or even FIND terror chiefs like Osama Bin Laden, holed out in mountain caves.

Mere på DemocracyFrontline

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