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6 marts 2006

HOWTO bypass Internet Censorship

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A tutorial on how to bypass Internet Censorship using Proxies, Shells, JAP e.t.c. Different ways to beat the filtering in schools, countries or companies (blocked ports e.t.c). This is the original and so newer than the translations because I’m still working on it.

Findes her: HOWTO

Forbudte blogs i i Pakistan

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Den Pakistanske regering har en liste med 12 blogs som er forbudt.

Here’s the list again. You can see that it’s the same list that’s on the Pakistani government memo above:

* DrawMohammad.com
* The Nordish Portal
* Draw Mohammed Week
* Mohammed drawings
* Free Speech?
* Plus + Ultra
* Jesus and Mo
* Mohammed Image Archive (Zomebietime)
* Dumb Religion
* Danish Cartoons Nearly Start WWIII – A flash animation of the story
* Wear the MohammedBomb
* Drawchrist.com

As for all of blogspot.com going down in Pakistan because of this (which was part of our earier report on this issue), the bloggers on this discussion group seem to have confirmed that “The website drawmuhammadweek.blogspot.com is the source of all hassle”: [LINK]

Gee, I guess we really are ruffling some feathers. What fun!


Fundet på Plus Ultra

Hmmmmmmmmmm hvorfor er der ikke flere danske blogs på listen, vi fortjener da også at være med, men pakistanerne bryder sig måske alligevel om den danske tone?

The Bloody Borders Project

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Animation of Islamic Terrorist Attacks Since 9-11 fra the Gates of Vienna

Se animation:


The Cartoontifada Jihad and The Collected Wisdom of (Some) Muslims

Muslims are sooo angry about the bad press they get that they’re trying the direct approach: entreat the Left with anguished cries of insensitivity and threaten the Right with scimitars. Since the former control the media for the most part, the Muslimist strategy (are we allowed to spell it that way anymore or is it “strategery” until 2008? Just asking…) is devoted to getting their attention. Islam may be bloody, but it ain’t stupid.
Mere på Gates of Vienna

Billeder fra støtteaktion for Danmark i NYC i fredags

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Atlas Shrugs

Rart at se Dannebrog i en positiv sammenhæng.