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3 marts 2006

Hvem er årsag til fugleinfluenzaen – ja du har gættet rigtigt

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On January 31, the state-owned Syrian daily, Al-Thawra, suggested that Israeli scientists at the Institute of Biological Research at Ness Ziona had developed the avian flu virus for use as a biological weapon against the Palestinians, releasing it in South East Asia “to obscure the truth by shifting the world’s attention to that distant region…and in order to make its transmission through birds seem like a natural phenomenon.” Two weeks earlier, the chairman of the Palestinian Environment Authority, Dr. Youssef Abu Safiyah, had told a press conference in Gaza that Israel had buried 85,000 infected birds at Beit Furik outside Nablus in an attempt to spread the disease.


Saudi Professor Walid Al-Shuzi: Attacking Jews and Christians is Forbidden but Hating Them is a Religious Duty

MEMRI – The following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi professor Walid Al-Shuzi from Al-Riyadh University. Al-Majd TV aired this interview on March 18, 2005.

Walid Al-Shuzi: Some people say that when you leave a mosque you must love the Jews and Christians. In their sermons they ask, “What is the purpose of this incitement and hatred?” They say that when you leave a sermon and meet a Jew or Christian you must not display any hostility towards them. Perhaps this stems from the pressures of the so-called anti-Semitism. Honorable Sheik, these people, do not distinguish between hating the infidels and attacking them. We are forbidden to attack them, but we have a duty to hate them, as is written in the Koran and the Sunna.

These people want to cause the Muslims to abandon their religion. This is what hypocrites do, as was said by Allah. There is a difference between hating those who worship gods other than Allah and coexisting with them. Co-existence is one thing and hatred is another. The Prophet’s neighbor was a Jew, right? Yet he said: “Expel .” Co-existence is one thing, and hating such a faith is another.

I don’t hate him for who he is. I don’t hate him because of his flesh and his blood, and I don’t hate him for his nationality. I hate him for the sake of Allah. Even if he were my cousin or my brother, and even if he were my own flesh and blood – I would hate him for the sake of Allah.  


War Memorial Converted into Toilet

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The Southern Cemetery in Calais, France used to serve as a memorial to British soldiers who died liberating France from the Nazis. But a new wave of invaders has converted it to another purpose: public toilet.

Immigrants from the Middle East and Africa use the area as a launching pad to carry their invasion from France to the United Kingdom. They wait in makeshift camps for opportunities to sneak onto trucks to get them across the English Channel.

Their contempt for the culture they are in the process of displacing naturally extends to the memorial cemetery they have converted into an open-air toilet. As one immigrant puts it, “It is just an old museum and a park to commemorate a battle that was long ago. We need somewhere to sleep and to go to the toilet while we wait to get into Britain.”

British moonbattery has invited the invasion. Amesh from Afghanistan explains:

Most of us have applied for asylum already in other European countries but the British are soft and let you stay. … We email our friends in Britain and they tell us to throw away our identity papers. They also tell us which outlawed groups to say we belong to so the British believe our lives are in danger and won’t send us back to our home countries. I have a friend in a B & B in Hastings and he tells me he gets fried eggs and toast and bacon and sausages every morning for breakfast and a nice hotel room with a sea view.

“The problem is there are no toilet facilities at this war grave,” says Peter Francis of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. “We cannot lock the shelter as war graves are designed to be visited so people can understand the price paid for the freedom we enjoy.”

We had better enjoy this freedom while we can, because today’s primarily Muslim invaders have no more respect for it than the Nazis did. Unfortunately it looks like they’ll be around a lot longer — possibly longer than we will.

Fra Moonbattery


Dhimmi journalistik

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En overskrift i BBC angående mordet i Frankrig på den unge jøde lød som følger:

“French ‘anti-Jew gang chief’ held”
Her undgår man behændigt at angive at gerningsmanden er muhammedaner, men at offeret er jøde skal da frem. Der står intet sted i artiklen, at forbryderen er muhammedaner, og det antydes kun, at det muligvis drejer sig om anti-semitisme.

Vælgerskred fra S til DF på grund af krænkede muslimer

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Ikke siden Socialdemokratiets efterlønssag i 1998 har så mange uden for en valgkamp skiftet parti så hurtigt.

Det viser en analyse for netavisen Altinget af februars syv meningsmålinger, hvor især S-vælgere flytter til DF.

Det er Muhammed-krisen, som har fået folk til at skifte ståsted siger professor Søren Risbjerg Thomsen, Århus Universitet.

-Værdispørgsmålet om, hvor forstående man skal være over for muslimer, som føler sig krænket af tegningerne, er en sag, der får vælgere til at skifte parti, siger han til Altinget.

S taber 7 mandater fra januar til februar, mens DF går 7 frem.


Online amateurs crack Nazi codes

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Three German ciphers unsolved since World War II are finally being cracked, helped by thousands of home computers.The codes resisted the best efforts of the celebrated Allied cryptographers based at Bletchley Park during the war.

Now one has been solved by running code-breaking software on a “grid” of internet-linked home computers.

The complex ciphers were encoded in 1942 by a new version of the German Enigma machine, and led to regular hits on Allied vessels by German U-boats.

Allied experts initially failed to deal with the German adoption in 1942 of a complex new cipher system, brought in at the same time as a newly upgraded Enigma machine.

The advancement in German encryption techniques led to significant Allied losses in the North Atlantic throughout 1942.





Deltag i projektet


Islamic States of America

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Dette websted beskriver livet i ISA i 2036.

“These news stories are set in the year 2036.
The stories on this web site are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the imagination of the author of each of the web stories or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.”


Fundet via Limewoody