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13 februar 2006



“A woman is like a private part. When she goes out the devil casts a glance at her”

Al-Hadis, trans. Al-Haj Maulana Fazlul Karim, vol. 2, p. 692, from Mishkat al-Masabih, by Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Tabrizi

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  1. salamoalikom


    Kommentar af abdelilah — 11 september 2006 @ 02:10

  2. Everyone has a right to dress the way they want so if a Muslim woman wants to wear a hijab she should be able to


    Kommentar af hijab — 16 august 2007 @ 01:37

  3. @2 hijab
    Yes, but not in my contry…


    Kommentar af li — 16 august 2007 @ 04:08

  4. @2

    Nobody want to wear a burka – I hate it too!
    Nobody in this country should be forced to wear it – not even li!


    Kommentar af Khinzeer alias ManInBurka© — 16 august 2007 @ 09:21

  5. All should be allowed to choose how they want to dress


    Kommentar af Islamic Products — 13 september 2007 @ 22:13

  6. i agree everyone has right to dress up the way they want. how can you say your contry do you own a contrey? how the hell can you own it tell us so we also can by contries… just like the indians say, how can you own a contry? nobody should be forced to wear a burka, but if the woman want`s to, then it isn’t anyones buisnnes!


    Kommentar af kolo — 6 februar 2008 @ 14:41

  7. No 6: -> no 3


    Kommentar af hodja — 6 februar 2008 @ 15:08

  8. No 6:
    Of course we own the country, it’s a gift from grand mom and granddaddy. The girls who wear burka have no grandmom or granddaddy in my country. So woman in burka go home to your own country or leave the burka.


    Kommentar af ManInBurka© — 6 februar 2008 @ 15:32

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