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9 februar 2006

Muslim nations, boycot Egypt!

Filed under: Islam — Hodja @ 10:30

Muslim nations, boycot Egypt! 


Important news: The Egyptian newspaper Al-Faqr published the Muhammed Cartoons more than 3 months ago during the muslim holy season of Ramadan, with no reaction whatsoever.


Muslims, boycot Egypt!
Burn their flags!
Attack their embassies!

Fra: http://face-of-muhammed.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hodjas!
    Thanks for this link.
    You are a true hero!!!!!


    Kommentar af Felis — 9 februar 2006 @ 11:26

  2. it is open terrorism of nonmuslims against muslims and thier religion.we will have to be unite to destroy their desires which r against our religion …..for this we will have to bycott of their products.muslim population is half of the world’s .i say u my brothers to let them down in every field of life ….they will never be able to destroy islam .it is religion of God .n God will protect himself it…


    Kommentar af tabasum riaz — 13 februar 2006 @ 12:34

  3. Refreshing new angle.


    Kommentar af Tore — 13 februar 2006 @ 20:24

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