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7 februar 2006

“The Cartoon War” map

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A very big ‘Thank you’ to all the countries that supports us and free speak.

Lately the UK has joined, although it’s grey om the map. As you can see – no support from our dhimmi-brother-country Sweden.

Found at: http://face-of-muhammed.blogspot.com/2006/02/cartoon-war-overview.html

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  1. The UK support is so late and thin we don’t feel it as being of any use. Blair has shown himself as an islam apologetic many times. Not until they display Piglet on public buildings will I remove my ‘dhimmi’ rating of the UK.

    Henrik Clausen, Denmark


    Kommentar af Henrik — 7 februar 2006 @ 12:21

  2. Se billedet af hans udenrigsminister længere nede 🙂


    Kommentar af hodja — 7 februar 2006 @ 12:45

  3. Well, here it comes. Now, situation getting worse and worse every minut.
    And who is in charge for this? Russia is chicken, the GB trying to help, but I don’t feel any help. I’m pity for Denmark and for all western world. The circul begun to rotate and its impossible to stop it.
    God will help us. Islam has shown its real face. Now we swould only wait and hope for good. Do we have any chouse…?


    Kommentar af Šarvydas Klevičius — 14 februar 2006 @ 09:15

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