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3 februar 2006

Er det en spøg – eller har Saudierne et forklaringsproblem???

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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Da’wa goes Disney :Hamas producer Oussama Jammal brings Saudi funded Muhammed ‘profit’ animation film to US public

Da’wa goes Disney :Hamas producer Oussama Jammal brings Saudi funded Muhammed ‘profit’ animation film to US public

CAIR urges Muslims to “buy tickets for friends and neighbors” to film distributed by director terrorist linked Bridgeview Mosque
October 27, 2004

MIM:The North American release of the Saudi funded animation film: “Muhammed -the Last Prophet” is being touted as the Islamist version of an American Disney production. The film was made in the US by ex Disney director Richard Rich, for the Saudi based Badr films company. Besides being one of the first ‘commercial’ Islamic propagation films “Muhammed – the last Prophet” boasts the distinction of being a Disney, Saudi, Hamas collaboration.

Oussama Jammal, the head of the Fine Media Group which is distributing the film in the US is a Hamas activist who has fund raised for the legal defense of terrorists. He is also the president of the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation, which has been under law enforcement scrutiny for over a decade . Jammal took over the direction of the BMF from Rafiq Jaber ,the leader of the Islamic Association of Palestine, the North American wing of Hamas .This is more proof that Jammal is in directly involved in the Hamas terrorist organisation. More proof, is any was needed ,that FIne Media Group president Oussama Jammal is a Hamas member and operative .


Find selv ud af det på: http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/305

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