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31 august 2014

Irland vil ikke tøve med at fratage ISIS-terrorister statsborgerskabet

Ireland should prepare for return of jihadists

About 26 Irish citizens are estimated to be fighting with factions involved in the expansion of the Islamic State.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has stated she would “not hesitate” to revoke the citizenship of any Irish passport holder involved in illegal or terror-related “jihadi” activities in Iraq or Syria.

Mere på Irishtimes


29 august 2014

Twitter: Den hollandske regering vil tage statsborgerskabet fra terrorister uden rettergang

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Dutch government announces plans to take away nationality from nationals who engage in terrorism without trial! Finally! Who’s next? UK?

Link: The Dutch government said Friday it wants to strip jihadists who go to fight in Syria or Iraq of their passports, even if they have not been convicted of a crime.

Yazidiske kvinders valg: konverter til islam og gift dig med ISIS medlem – eller daglig voldtægt og langsom død


Læs mere om de degenererede ISIS medlemmer.

Og om deres islamiske bordeller for ikke-muslimske piger og kvinder.

Hussein Obamas strategi mod ondskaben

Præsident Hussein Obama holdt i dag tale om, hvordan USA vil tackle ISIS.


Men han har en klar ide om, hvor ondskaben befinder sig:


28 august 2014

Hussein Obama, vore politikere og EU ønsker at NATO-landet Tyrkiet bliver medlem af EU

Samtidig er det en offentlig hemmelighed, at tusindvis af IS-terrorister fra hele Verden har fri passage gennem den gennemkontrollerede politistat Tyrkiet.

Terroristmotorvejen gennem Tyrkiet

Terroristmotorvejen gennem Tyrkiet

Israels Iron Dome skyder 15 Qassam raketter ned på en gang

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26 august 2014

Hver sjette “franskmand” støtter ISIS

Two polls released this week both ask a question that you would hope wouldn’t need asking: how many people support the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? Unfortunately, in all four countries surveyed, the answer is greater than zero, and by a lot.

Here is a chart of the results of the polls. The first, by ICM Research, asked people in Germany, France, and the UK whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of ISIS. The second, by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, asked Gazans whether they support or oppose ISIS. Here are the results.

First, a caveat: while the polls of Gazans and Europeans are similar, they are not totally identical. They were conducted by different polling agencies using different methods, and the different question could skew responses, as “support” is stronger than “favor.” So keep that in mind when comparing the Gaza results to the others, although it is hard to ignore that ISIS could have a higher approval rating in France than in Gaza.


In any case, the big, scary, surprising, number here is France: 16 percent of those surveyed say they support ISIS. That’s an awful lot. And that number gets even larger as the demographics get younger, as shown in this by-age breakdown published by Russia Today (the poll was commissioned by Russian state media, almost certainly to tar and/or troll Western countries, but that doesn’t make the findings any less disturbing):

Læs resten her.

Frankrig i dag.

Brigitte Gabriel om fredelige muslimer

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The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet.

Peshmerga arresterer forklædt ISIS terrorist

Klar til terrorisme.


25 august 2014

Nogle få fornuftige stemmer i mørket

Enkelte offentlige personer i Storbritannien er ved at vågne op og siger deres mening om barbariet i Mellemøsten.

Londons borgmester Boris Johnson udtaler:

Britons who travel to “war areas” should be presumed potential terrorists unless they can prove otherwise, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said. Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, he called for tougher powers to deal with British extremists who leave the UK to fight in Iraq and Syria. He said there should be a “presumption” that Britons who go without telling UK authorities have a “terrorist purpose”.

George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, said

“jihadists fighting overseas should lose their British passports and be barred from returning to the UK. He also criticised multiculturalism for allowing immigrant communities to establish “separate identities in our cities”.”

In an unusual alliance, David Davis, the Conservative backbencher and one of parliament’s most outspoken libertarians, also said

British jihadists should be stripped of their citizenship, even though this might be against international law. Lawyers would say you cannot render someone stateless. Perhaps, perhaps not,” said Davis. “Whitehall lawyers have been wrong before. Democracies have a right to defend themselves.”

Men vågner magthaverne og menneskerettighedsfanatisterne op og begynder at beskytte deres egne befolkninger fremfor at holde hånden over barbariske middelaldermennesker? Hvilke danske politikere vil stå frem med de samme meninger?


10 august 2014

Muslimer skaber helvede på jorden – begraver (måske) mennesker levende

Men sjovnalister, politikere, kendte og andre godmennesker går i selvsving over, at Israel bruger sin ret til at forsvare sig mod terroristangreb.

‘It is death valley. Up to 70 per cent of them are dead’
On board Iraqi army helicopter delivering aid to the trapped Yazidis, Jonathan Krohn sees a hellish sight.
Mount Sinjar stinks of death. The few Yazidis who have managed to escape its clutches can tell you why. “Dogs were eating the bodies of the dead,” said Haji Khedev Haydev, 65, who ran through the lines of Islamic State jihadists surrounding it.

On Sunday night, I became the first western journalist to reach the mountains where tens of thousands of Yazidis, a previously obscure Middle Eastern sect, have been taking refuge from the Islamic State forces that seized their largest town, Sinjar.

There, they face thirst and starvation, as well as the crippling heat of midsummer.

Hundreds, if not more, have already died, including scores of children. A Yazidi Iraqi MP, Vian Dakhil, told reporters in Baghdad:

“We have one or two days left to help these people. After that they will start dying en masse.”

There have been repeated stories that the jihadists have seized hundreds of Yazidi women and are holding them in Mosul, either in schools or the prison. These cannot be confirmed, though they are widely believed and several Yazidi refugees said they had been unable to contact Yazidi women relatives who were living behind Islamic State lines.

Kamil Amin, of the Iraqi human rights ministry, said: “We think that the terrorists by now consider them slaves and they have vicious plans for them.”

Mere på Telegraph

Meddelelse fra den kurdiske lokalregering KRG.

Iraq militants have executed 500 people – burying women and children alive in a mass graves, the human rights minister has said.

ISIS tilhænger i København på Twitter og Facebook.

At least 20,000 civilians besieged by jihadists on a mountain in northern Iraq have safely escaped to Syria and been escorted by Kurdish forces back into Iraq.

Info om Peshmerga.


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5 januar 2014

Ledere af international jihad: Omar Bakri og Anjem Choudary

29 december 2013

Selvmordsbombe i Volgograd igen

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Hvorfor har Israel en beskyttelsesbarriere?

An open letter to St. James’s Church at Christmas

25 december 2013

UK fratager 20 jihadister deres statsborgerskab for at kæmpe i udlandet

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10 december 2013

FN sponsoreret terrorisme

9 december 2013

For the Record: System Failure – The Boston Bombing

Well in advance of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings in April, federal law enforcement officials were warned on numerous occasions that radicalization was taking place within the Boston Islamic community.

For The Record Exposes Radicalized Foundation of the Mosque Attended by the Accused Boston Bombers
The remains of a black backpack that the FBI said contained one of the bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon. (AP)
It was a subject that many law enforcement officials chose to ignore or failed to acknowledge out of fear of being branded anti-Islamic or out of complacency, counterterrorism experts told TheBlaze TV’s “For The Record,” an investigative news magazine show that airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The failure to act on evidence that Islamic radicalization was taking place in Boston led to the deaths of three people and more than 265 wounded attendees who were caught in the path of flying shrapnel from two homemade pressure cooker bombs, experts said. When the dust settled, the people of Boston and its survivors, many of whom were severely maimed, questioned why federal and local law enforcement missed so many warning signs.

On tonight’s show, “For The Record — System Failure: The Boston Bombing,” TheBlaze network exposes the radicalized foundation of the Islamic Society of Boston, where the Tsarnaev brothers attended mosque services.

6 december 2013

Historieforfalskning på DanMarx Radio

Glorificeringen og helgenkåringen af Nelson Mandela kører for fulde gardiner på alle medier i disse timer, men sandheden omgås med lethed.

Set på DDR mellem kl. 18.00 og 18.30:

“Mandela var frihedskæmper og gik ind for sabotageaktioner mod bygninger, men det måtte aldrig koste menneskeliv.”

Her er så nogle af de menneskeliv, der ikke måtte ofres:

Her er der flere ikke-eksisterende ofre for Nelson Mandelas sabotagevirksomhed.

En kommunist og terrorist er død

Nelson Mandela er død 5. december 2013.


Mens medierne går i selvsving over mandens død og sammenligner ham med Jesus er her et andet syn på sagen.

Hodjanerne har også skrevet om Mandela og det Syd-Afrikanske paradis adskillige gange.

The Independent (1997): Stompie’s ghost refuses to rest in peace

Tilsyneladende har man også glemt den grusomme ‘Necklacing’.

3 december 2013

Nu troede vi lige at vi med et glad hjerte giver vore hårdt tjente skattekroner til socialhjælp til terroristmordernes familier

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