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22 oktober 2014

Terroristangreb i Canadas parlament

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21 oktober 2014

Lee-Rigby lignende jihad angreb i Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Canada

A driver who was fatally shot by police after striking two Canadian Forces members in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., earlier today was known to federal authorities as someone (Ahmad Rouleau) who may have been “radicalized,” according to the RCMP and the Prime Minister’s Office.



20 oktober 2014

Den Internationale Domstol i Haag begynder at efterforske krigsforbrydelser og folkemord begået af ISIS i Irak

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Youssef Mohammed has revealed that the Kurdistan Parliament has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague in Netherlands to regard the massacre of Kurdish Yazidis and others in the Mosul area as genocide.

The complaint has been accepted by the court and in the next few days, Kurdish Parliamentary delegates will hand over evidence regarding the genocide to the court.

“What has been happened to Yazidi women in Sinjar [kidnap, rape and slavery] is much worse than what has happened to all the men and the town itself,” said Mohammed.

The Kurdistan Parliament has made a complaint to the Hague court about Yazidi, Christian and Turkmen genocides that carried out by IS. The court has accepted the case and will discuss it soon.

Mere på basnews

I mellemtiden: “Danmark breder velkomstmåtten ud for islamister

Pat Condell: Boo Hoo Palestine

18 oktober 2014

Storbritannien kan bruge landsforræderi-lov fra 1351 mod tilbagevendte ISIS terrorister

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Britain may use a medieval law dating to 1351 to charge citizens with treason if they go to fight with Islamic State insurgents in Iraq and Syria, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

Hammond said any British citizen who had sworn personal allegiance to the so-called Islamic State could have committed an offense under the Treason Act of 1351, which was passed during the reign of English King Edward III.

“We have seen people declaring that they have sworn personal allegiance to the so-called Islamic State, that does raise questions about their loyalty and allegiance to this country and about whether the offense of treason could have been committed,” he said, adding he would bring the issue to the attention of Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May.

The maximum sentence for treason in Britain is life imprisonment; it was death until 1998. The last person to be hanged for treason in Britain was William Joyce, a propagandist for Nazi Germany nicknamed Lord Haw Haw who broadcast to Britain during World War Two and who was executed in 1946.


16 oktober 2014

Rockstjernen Neil Young om kampen mod ISIS og CO2-fodaftryk

WMD: Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Now Under Control of Islamic State

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International Business Times – According to a recent report published in the journal Middle East Review of International Affairs, or MERIA, militants of the Islamic State group used chemical weapons, including mustard gas, against Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border town of Kobani during their first attempt to capture the town in July.

The report, which is based on testimonies from eyewitnesses on the ground, said that the chemical weapons had been transferred to the Syrian province of Raqqa from a Saddam Hussein-era chemical weapons facility located near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. The report has prompted fears that ISIS could have access to vast stockpiles of chemical weapons, including sarin, mustard gas, and VX, a nerve agent.

Mere på the algemeiner

8 oktober 2014

Daniel Greenfield: “moderat islam” er en religion opfundet af socialister for at kamuflere faren ved import af muslimske venstrefløjsstemmer

Meget læsværdig! Herfra

(Daniel Greenfield)

Daniel Greenfield is one of our sharpest. He has many great points and if you have the time, I advise you click the link above to read the whole piece.

“I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be. You won’t find the fabled land of moderate Muslims in the east. You won’t even find it in the west. Like all myths it exists in the imagination of those who tell the stories. You won’t find a moderate Islam in the Koran, but you will find it in countless Western books about Islam. …

Without a moderate Islam the Socialist projects of Europe which depend on heavy immigration collapse. America’s War on Terror becomes the endless inescapable slog that the rise of ISIS has once again revealed it to be. Multiculturalism, post-nationalism and Third World Guiltism all implode. Without moderate Muslims, nationalism returns, borders close and the right wins. That is what they fear. If there is no moderate Islam, no moderate Mohammed, no moderate Allah, then the Socialist Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has to go in the rubbish bin.

Their Islam is not the religion of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, the Caliphs or its practitioners in such places as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Indonesia. Their Islam is a religion that does not exist, but that they fervently believe must exist because without it their way of life is as doomed as the dodo.”

1 oktober 2014

Soldater kan ikke gå i uniform i deres eget land

Det har soldaterne i Holland netop fået at føle.

De har fået at vide, at de ikke må gå med uniformer i offentlige transportmidler. Meddelelsen blev givet af talsmanden for forsvarsministeriet, efter at en hollandsk hellig kriger opfordrede til angreb på Holland. ”Vi har sagt, at militærpersoner ikke må rejse med offentlige transportmidler”, sagde talsmanden. (Defense News)

Mere på DKA

Hvornår holder de op med at kalde dem “hellige krigere”? Skriv da muslimske terrorister for pokker!

30 september 2014

Joseph Goebbels har ikke levet forgæves

Vestens politikere messer dagligt i De Gamle Venstreorienterede Medier budskabet igennem: ISIS har intet med islam og koranen at gøre.

Det sidste eksempel er:

UK Home Secretary Theresa May: Islamic State’s actions “have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran”

Her kan vi så citere Goebbels:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”


27 september 2014

Hvorfor opfinder Hussein Obama en ikke-eksisterende terrorgruppe og hvor samarbejdsvillige er de arabiske lande der er med i alliancen mod ISIS egentlig?

The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist

It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us.

Få svarene på National Review Online

23 september 2014

Tyrkiets hemmelige alliance med Iran

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Erdoğan’s Turkey and Iranian Intelligence.

Western concerns have mounted in recent years as Turkey, once a NATO stalwart, has drifted into an increasingly Islamist orientation, in both foreign and domestic policy, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been prime minister since 2003 and was just elected Turkey’s president. His ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has become increasingly repressive at home, with scores of jailed journalists and other secularists, many of them top military officers, who have run afoul of the AKP and its Islamist policies. Yet whatever misgivings exist about Ankara’s atmosphere of domestic repression, it’s Erdoğan’s worrying tendencies in foreign policy — a deliberate strategic turn away from the West combined with obvious affection for revolutionary Iran — that have led to serious concerns in NATO and beyond.


While Turks who object to the country’s Islamist turn are outraged by the failure of this investigation to unravel the “mystery” of Tawhid-Salam — which appears to be hiding in plain sight — it’s difficult to express surprise, since Erdoğan and the AKP are following their usual playbook of lies, harassment and obfuscation to prevent important questions about the party being answered in any detail. It would therefore be wise to expect that the Pasdaran will continue to exercise its malign influence over Erdoğan and the AKP as long as they remain in power in Ankara. To observe that the secret alliance between the leaders of Turkey, a critical country for both Europe and the Middle East, and the most dangerous men in Iran, presents a challenge for NATO and the West is a considerable understatement.

Læs hele artiklen på The XX Committee

22 september 2014

Terrorisme er landsforræderi og bør medføre fratagelse af statsborgerskab………………eller?

FN fordømmer Israel for ikke at dele Iron Dome med HamaSS

The United Nations slammed Israel for possibly committing war crimes in its fight against Hamas — and then backed that accusation by suggesting the Jewish nation ought to be sharing its Iron Dome defensive technology with the very terror group it’s fighting.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said to members of the media at an “emergency” meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council that Israel was falling short in its duty to protect citizens in the Gaza Strip from getting killed by its rockets.

Mere her

Iraks Menneskerettighedsminister med klar tale: Terrorister skal hænges

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Iraqi Human Right Minister Mohammed al-Bayati has said that terrorists must not be treated well in jail, but rather they should be hanged.

A large number of radicals have been arrested and jailed by Iraqi authorities, and they stand accused of committing or being involved in terrorist acts.

“There is no way that terrorists should be treated well in jail, they should be hanged,” said al-Bayati to London based newspaper Sharq al-Awsat.

“Terrorists, killers and Amirs of terrorist groups must not remain in the jails of Iraq, we should hang these radical extremists and killers,” added al-Bayati.

He continued, “There are many terrorists and killers in secret prisons. We should not be providing them services like water or electricity nor should we be treating them well. These terrorists have to be executed as they have committed numerous crimes against Iraqi civilians.”

Fredens og tolerancens religion: Dette barn forsøgte at stikke af fra ISIS

Det er disse gerningsmænd vore politikere ikke tør være konsekvente overfor.

ISIS_HUMANITYMere på Twitter

18 september 2014

Australien: Politiet forhindrer muslimske terrorplaner bl.a. offentlig halshugning

Sura 47 (Muhammad) vers 4: Når I møder dem, der er vantro, så giv dem hug over halsen!

Mere her.

14 september 2014

Åbent brev til vore politikere i anledning af at ISIS igen har halshugget et menneske offentligt i medierne

Hvorfor skal vi ikke lade disse uintegrerbare individer rejse og søge deres såkaldte martyrium – uden mulighed for at komme tilbage?

Der er ingen mennesker ved deres fulde fem i Vesten, der ønsker dem her.  Hvad angår deres såkaldte menneskerettigheder – jeg siger – giv dem de samme menneskerettigheder, som de giver deres ofre.

Alle de almindelige tillægsord er blevet brugt for at beskrive ISIS. ‘Onde, vilddyr, umenneskelige, monstere.’ Der kommer et punkt, hvor den slags beskrivelser af den adfærd ISIS ikke alene udfører men også praler med i den yderste realistiske grafiske detalje, bliver irrelevant. Dertil er vi kommet.

Intet samfund skal udvise nogensomhelst tolerance overfor de, som fortsætter med at støtte dette slagteri, som udføres i navnet af en depraveret syg ideologi som kalder sig ‘religion’. De, som støtter eller deltager i ISIS’ aktiviteter, har ikke længere undskyldningen “vi vidste ikke”‘,  hvad sandheden var bag propagandaen fra de, som overbeviste dem. Alle fra Vesten, der har været i Irak eller Syrien, skal under ingen omstændigheder have mulighed for at komme tilbage. Og hvis de, mod forventning, skulle overleve, skal vi intetsomhelst foretage os, for at forhindre, at de kommer til at rådne op resten af livet i et Mellemøstligt fængsel.

Vi har kun en mulighed tilbage, og det er, at udrydde denne skamplet på menneskeheden.

Tyskland tager et lille skridt fremad.

Og til MSM: Hold op med at kalde dem ‘hellige’, ‘krigere’ o.s.v. Kald dem det de er: psykopatiske mordere. At kalde dem ‘dyr’ er en fornærmelse mod dyrene.



12 september 2014

Michael Coren: En simpel løsning på spørgsmålet om statsborgerskab og pas

David Woods tanker om ISIS og Verdensherredømmet

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