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15 oktober 2014

Dansk imam: “Jøder stammer fra aber og grise”

Den kendte fynske imam Muhammed Khaled Samha har vakt international opmærksomhed ved at kalde jøder for ”efterkommere af aber og grise”.

Ifølge den juridiske ekspert Jacob Mchangama, der er direktør for tænketanken Justitia, kan disse udtalelser måske danne grundlag for en racisme-sag mod imamen:

Der kan være tale om dødstrusler, og det kan falde ind under racisme-paragraffen. Også det med ”aber og svin” er noget, som man vil se relativt strengt på, siger Jacob Mchangama.

Mere på TV2

Men alle viger udenom, at det er direkte koran-citater,  det vil være alt for pinligt for vore naive eksperter, kommentatorer og politikere. Konklusionen, som de ikke tør drage, må være – hvornår bliver koranen forbudt?

13 oktober 2014

ISIS indfører nye regler for kvinder

Islamic State (IS) militants have imposed new dress requirements for women and girls in areas under their control in Iraq.

A source from Fallujah, Anbar province has revealed details of the restrictions to BasNews.

“According to IS militants’ new rules, women whose husbands have died have to wear black and they are never allowed to wear colorful dresses,” said Mohammed.

He gave details about a separate part of the law, that decrees that unmarried girls must wear white.

Mohammed also claims that all the girls who have not yet been circumcised, will have to be soon.  The decision was made three days ago.

Mere på BasNews

Og vi siger velbekomme til de “danske” kvinder, der rejser derned.

9 oktober 2014

LEGO har rygrad som en regnorm

Lego har i dag meddelt, at legetøjsgiganten ikke vil forlænge det samarbejde med Shell, som har kørt i de sidste par år.

Beslutningen kommer efter en kampagne som Greenpeace har ført mod Lego – med det formål at ramme Shell.

This isn’t the first time Lego bowed to Greenpeas pressure.  Maybe they hope Greenpeas won’t notice that Lego bricks are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpoloymers and is rather connected to the petrochemical industry. A company is not allowing a petrochemical company to hand out set of toys made from petrochemicals? This has got to be the most ironic situation I have seen in a long time. Let’s see how far Greenpeace would get without any oil for their ships, planes, and cars. No less the medications, clothes, food and many other items used in daily life, even in Europe. Maybe it is time to put them all on an island for a true low impact resistance.

Mere på Junk Science

Se dette interview med Greenpeace’s grundlægger Patrick Moore – han river dem totalt fra hinanden. Interviewet er fyldt med guldkorn. Alene denne: “Greenpeace vil forbyde halvdelen af det Periodisk System”. Og – Greenpeace vil ikke diskutere med ham – for de har ingen modargumenter.

Spring evt over de første 11 minutter.

8 oktober 2014

Fødemaskiner forlader Danmark

Inden for de seneste måneder er to unge kvinder på 18 og 21 år rejst til Syrien for at støtte Islamisk Stat.

Det afslører DR2s nye aktualitetsmagasin DR2 Nu i aften. Kvinderne er født og opvokset i København, og DR2 Nu erfarer, at begge kvinder står på listen over personer, der er rejst til Syrien.

Antallet af kvinder, der tager til Mellemøsten for at støtte Islamisk Stat, er stigende. Alene i Danmark er op mod 15 kvinder taget af sted, vurderer flere eksperter, som kalder det stærkt bekymrende.

Mere på ………….selvfølgelig DDR

Hvorfor er det bekymrende? Det eneste bekymrende er, hvis de vender tilbage til Danmark – i særdeleshed hvis de er gravide. Og hvorfor fortsætter DDR med at kalde de gemene voldtægtsforbrydere, pædofile, massemordere, terrorister og krigsforbrydere for ‘hellige’?

Daniel Greenfield: “moderat islam” er en religion opfundet af socialister for at kamuflere faren ved import af muslimske venstrefløjsstemmer

Meget læsværdig! Herfra

(Daniel Greenfield)

Daniel Greenfield is one of our sharpest. He has many great points and if you have the time, I advise you click the link above to read the whole piece.

“I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be. You won’t find the fabled land of moderate Muslims in the east. You won’t even find it in the west. Like all myths it exists in the imagination of those who tell the stories. You won’t find a moderate Islam in the Koran, but you will find it in countless Western books about Islam. …

Without a moderate Islam the Socialist projects of Europe which depend on heavy immigration collapse. America’s War on Terror becomes the endless inescapable slog that the rise of ISIS has once again revealed it to be. Multiculturalism, post-nationalism and Third World Guiltism all implode. Without moderate Muslims, nationalism returns, borders close and the right wins. That is what they fear. If there is no moderate Islam, no moderate Mohammed, no moderate Allah, then the Socialist Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has to go in the rubbish bin.

Their Islam is not the religion of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, the Caliphs or its practitioners in such places as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Indonesia. Their Islam is a religion that does not exist, but that they fervently believe must exist because without it their way of life is as doomed as the dodo.”

6 oktober 2014

Now the Lefties are Saying Oklahoma Beheading Isn’t Islamic…?

Mia Farrow – endnu en nyttig idiot – omend en særdeles velbetalt idiot

Mia Farrow’s dirty profits—a hidden payoff in corrupt Ecuador trial.

This Farrow role was billed as a trip to “show her support for indigenous people” in a massive lawsuit that accused the US oil company Chevron of polluting the jungle and poisoning locals.

The highlight of the dramatic visit featured Farrow reaching into the ground and, with world media present, holding up a dirty, oil-drenched hand.


That is, until news broke that the Ecuadorian government had secretly paid her $188,000 to go there and hype the case against Chevron. Her “oily hand seen around the world” may have been the most lucrative gig of her acting career.

Der er meget mere her.

3 oktober 2014

Nu da Osama bin Laden er indisponeret: Cop Killer to Give Grad Speech at Goddard College

1 oktober 2014

Ekstremt vejr

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Alligevel viser klimamodelberegninger, at konsekvenserne af fortsat menneskeskabt global opvarmning vil forøge antallet af ekstreme vejrsituationer.

Denne tendens synes at have gjort sig gældende siden starten af 1990’erne. Temperaturerne på den nordlige halvkugle har sandsynligvis ikke været højere i de seneste 1.300 år, og siden 1850 har de 11 af de 12 varmeste år ligget fra 1995 og fremefter.

Fra Klimadebat

3,264 Days Without a Major Hurricane Strike

Who would have predicted it? As of today (October 1) it’s been nearly 9 years since a major hurricane (Cat 3 or greater) has struck the U.S., the last being Wilma in October, 2005.

0,7% Spøgelset

De politiske partier og NGO’ere taler ofte om hvor meget vi skal give i ulandshjælp.

Michael A. Clemens og Todd J. Moss fra organisationen Center for Global Development skriver følgende i Working Paper 68 fra 2005 om ulandshjælp:

Ghost of 0.7%: Origins and Relevance of the International Aid Target – Working Paper 68

The international goal for rich countries to devote 0.7% of their national income to development assistance has become a cause célèbre for aid activists and has been accepted in many official quarters as the legitimate target for aid budgets. The origins of the target, however, raise serious questions about its relevance. First, the 0.7% target was calculated using a series of assumptions that are no longer true, and justified by a model that is no longer considered credible. When we use essentially the same method used to arrive at 0.7% in the early 1960s and apply today’s conditions, it yields an aid goal of just 0.01% of rich-country GDP for the poorest countries and negative aid flows to the developing world as a whole. We do not claim in any way that this is the ‘right’ amount of aid, but only that this exercise lays bare the folly of the initial method and the subsequent unreflective commitment to the 0.7% aid goal. Second, we document the fact that, despite frequent misinterpretation of UN documents, no government ever agreed in a UN forum to actually reach 0.7%—though many pledged to move toward it. Third, we argue that aid as a fraction of rich country income does not constitute a meaningful metric for the adequacy of aid flows. It would be far better to estimate aid needs by starting on the recipient side with a meaningful model of how aid affects development. Although aid certainly has positive impacts in many circumstances, our quantitative understanding of this relationship is too poor to accurately conduct such a tally. The 0.7% target began life as a lobbying tool, and stretching it to become a functional target for real aid budgets across all donors is to exalt it beyond reason. That no longer makes any sense, if it ever did.

Og vore politikere bruger fortsat 0,7-1,0% af BNP (skatteborgernes penge) på noget, som ifølge disse forskere er forældet og unødvendigt. Hvem er ulandshjælpen egentlig til gavn for? Og hvorfor skal vi ifølge denne artikel bruge 70 gange mere end der er brug for?

30 september 2014

Joseph Goebbels har ikke levet forgæves

Vestens politikere messer dagligt i De Gamle Venstreorienterede Medier budskabet igennem: ISIS har intet med islam og koranen at gøre.

Det sidste eksempel er:

UK Home Secretary Theresa May: Islamic State’s actions “have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran”

Her kan vi så citere Goebbels:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”


Havisen ved Antarktis sætter hidtil uset rekord

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Not only was last year’s all-time high sea ice record beaten this year, but smashed it by such a wide a margin that is meteorologically unworldly.

If anyone is searching for a sign of a “tipping point”, this could be one. Unfortunately the tip seems to be in the opposite direction!

At least week’s Saturday Summary, Joe Bastardi even compared the South Pole’s new record to King Kong belting a 700-foot home run out of the ballpark. Not wanting to get too carried away, we have to keep in mind that we are looking here at the satellite record only, which goes back to 1979. Yet, it is still truly amazing by any standard.

Mere på NoTricksZone

Læs også: Jihadis and Warmunists: Brothers Under the Skin

Og: New peer-reviewed paper: UN overestimated climate sensitivity to CO2

29 september 2014

Palæstinensere: Hamas tvangs os ind i raketregn så de kunne vinde medie-krigen mod Israel

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Læs hele artiklen her – især hvis du er journalist…

“If Hamas does not like you for any reason all they have to do now is say you are a Mossad agent and kill you.” — A., a Fatah member in Gaza.

“Hamas wanted us butchered so it could win the media war against Israel showing our dead children on TV and then get money from Qatar.” — T., former Hamas Ministry officer.

“They would fire rockets and then run away quickly, leaving us to face Israeli bombs for what they did.” — D., Gazan journalist.

“Hamas imposed a curfew: anyone walking out in the street was shot. That way people had to stay in their homes, even if they were about to get bombed. Hamas held the whole Gazan population as a human shield.” — K., graduate student

“The Israeli army allows supplies to come in and Hamas steals them. It seems even the Israelis care for us more than Hamas.” — E., first-aid volunteer.

“We are under Hamas occupation, and if you ask most of us, we would rather be under Israeli occupation… We miss the days when we were able to work inside Israel and make good money. We miss the security and calm Israel provided when it was here.” — S., graduate of an American university, former Hamas sympathizer. …

S., a medical worker, told Zarhan:

“The Israeli army sends warnings to people [Gazans] to evacuate buildings before an attack. The Israelis either call or send a text message. Sometimes they call several times to make sure everyone has been evacuated. Hamas’s strict policy, though, was not to allow us to evacuate. Many people got killed, locked inside their homes by Hamas militants. Hamas’s official Al-Quds TV regularly issued warnings to Gazans not to evacuate their homes. Hamas militants would block the exits to the places residents were asked to evacuate. In the Shijaiya area, people received warnings from the Israelis and tried to evacuate the area, but Hamas militants blocked the exits and ordered people to return to their homes. Some of the people had no choice but to run towards the Israelis and ask for protection for their families. Hamas shot some of those people as they were running; the rest were forced to return to their homes and get bombed. This is how the Shijaiya massacre happened. More than 100 people were killed.'”

28 september 2014

Bill Whittle om klimapolitiet i USA !

Man tror det er løgn …

Her er lidt modgift , der vil få dig til at grine :)

Viggo Mortensen kan ikke lide Fox news eller Israel..

Det siger jo mere om den politisk korrekte klovn end om Fox News/Israel …


Læs om det her

Udo Ulfkotte smider en bombe i den tyske medieverden

Udo Ulfkotte: Gekaufte Journalisten.


Bogens hjemmeside.

27 september 2014

Biomasse ikke grønnere end kul

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26 september 2014

Banebrydende forskning vinder den alternative Nobelpris i medicin

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Forskerne får prisen for påvisningen af, at ukontrollerbar næseblødning kan behandles effektivt med bacon-pakninger.


MEDICINE PRIZE [USA, INDIA]: Ian Humphreys, Sonal Saraiya, Walter Belenky and James Dworkin, for treating “uncontrollable” nosebleeds, using the method of nasal-packing-with-strips-of-cured-pork.

REFERENCE: “Nasal Packing With Strips of Cured Pork as Treatment for Uncontrollable Epistaxis in a Patient with Glanzmann Thrombasthenia,” Ian Humphreys, Sonal Saraiya, Walter Belenky and James Dworkin, Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, vol. 120, no. 11, November 2011, pp. 732-36.


Mere her.

25 september 2014

Mikael Jalving: Efter os, syndfloden!

Den eskalerende borgerkrig i Mellemøsten tager livet af den arabiske civilisation – eller resterne af den – og rammer Vesten som en naturkatastrofe.

Det er blevet efterår, ikke bare herhjemme. Som de fleste nok har bemærket, er det herostratisk omtalte arabiske forår, som fik mainstreammedier og idealistiske politikere til at glimte af håb og humanisme, afløst af blod i sandet og mørke midt på dagen. Analytikere har allerede beskrevet det, og det skal siges igen: Den arabiske civilisation er brudt sammen, det er game-over.


Vi ser, at det hele er noget lort på de kanter. Og vi ser noget andet og endnu værre – for os: At vi ikke evner at forvare os mod opløsningen af den arabiske civilisation. Deres ødelæggelse kan blive vores ødelæggelse. Vi importerer den nemlig.

Her tænker jeg ikke kun på de varme lande som arnested for radikalisme og jihad. Det er næsten for banalt, her er dagens episode. Næ, jeg tænker naturligvis også på den voksende strøm af flygtninge og asylansøgere, der vandrer mod Europa – og for de flestes vedkommende – kommer frem og opnår en eller anden ret til at være her – på de europæiske skatteyderes regning.

Læs resten her.

Svensk forskning fejrer nye triumfer ! !

Man har åbenbart lært en masse af muslimsk forskning :)

Fornylig fik SverigeDemokraterne næsten 13 % af stemmerne ved valget i Sverige.

Hvordan kunne det dog ske ?
Hvad kunne dog have fået så mange mennesker til at stemme på så slemt et parti ?

MSM-Aviser gik i gang med at bortforklare resultatet, og her er aftenbladet -
en af de værste socialistiske sprøjter i Sverige med deres valgte “forsker” kommet sin konklusionen:

ScreenHunter_51 Sep. 25 15.28

ScreenHunter_52 Sep. 25 15.30

Alle i Sverige kan ånde lettet op : det havde alligevel ikke noget at gøre med indvandring !!


Taget herfra

Jeg går ud fra at forskeren snart vil komme med en follow-up til den svenske sprøjte :

Månen er lavet af grøn ost !

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