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23 oktober 2014

Børnelærdom i Fredens Religion

Muslimer: Vi er opvokset i Vesten og vi hader alt ved den

Jihad i Canada (og alle andre steder)

Så længe vore politikere ikke vil indse, at islam har erklæret Vesten krig (for 1400 år siden), går det kun en vej.

22 oktober 2014

Gerningsmanden til skyderiet i det canadiske parlament var endnu en konvertit fra Quebec til Fredens Religion

Pictured: Soldier, 24, shot dead by Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who opened fire on Canadian Parliament in terrifying attack that left capital on lockdown

  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, was shot dead after opening fire at Parliament Hill
  • He was born in Quebec but reportedly recently converted to Islam and had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’
  • He shot reserve soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial before running inside Parliament and exchanging gunfire with guards
  • Heroic Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers shot him dead
  • Police initially said there were multiple gunmen and at a press conference, they would not rule out other suspects 
  • Witness accounts of a suspect include descriptions of him as short with long hair, overweight, wearing a dark jacket and ‘Arabic scarf’ 
Mere på Daily Mail

Lerdueskydning i Syrien

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Syria’s air force has destroyed two of three warplanes reportedly seized by fighters of the Islamic State.

The jihadists were reported to have seized the three planes, believed to be MiG-21 and MiG-23 jets, from Syrian military airports now under IS control. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Friday that jihadists were being trained by Saddam Hussein’s former pilots to fly the jets at the military airport of Jarrah, east of the city of Aleppo.

“The terrorists were flying three old planes but our aircraft immediately took off and destroyed two of them as they were landing. The third plane was hidden” by the jihadists.

Mere på France 24

20 oktober 2014

Den Internationale Domstol i Haag begynder at efterforske krigsforbrydelser og folkemord begået af ISIS i Irak

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Youssef Mohammed has revealed that the Kurdistan Parliament has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague in Netherlands to regard the massacre of Kurdish Yazidis and others in the Mosul area as genocide.

The complaint has been accepted by the court and in the next few days, Kurdish Parliamentary delegates will hand over evidence regarding the genocide to the court.

“What has been happened to Yazidi women in Sinjar [kidnap, rape and slavery] is much worse than what has happened to all the men and the town itself,” said Mohammed.

The Kurdistan Parliament has made a complaint to the Hague court about Yazidi, Christian and Turkmen genocides that carried out by IS. The court has accepted the case and will discuss it soon.

Mere på basnews

I mellemtiden: “Danmark breder velkomstmåtten ud for islamister

19 oktober 2014

Top 10 koranvers til at forstå ISIS

16 oktober 2014

Pædofeten Muhammed er forbillede for muslimer

15 oktober 2014

Dansk imam: “Jøder stammer fra aber og grise”

Den kendte fynske imam Muhammed Khaled Samha har vakt international opmærksomhed ved at kalde jøder for ”efterkommere af aber og grise”.

Ifølge den juridiske ekspert Jacob Mchangama, der er direktør for tænketanken Justitia, kan disse udtalelser måske danne grundlag for en racisme-sag mod imamen:

Der kan være tale om dødstrusler, og det kan falde ind under racisme-paragraffen. Også det med ”aber og svin” er noget, som man vil se relativt strengt på, siger Jacob Mchangama.

Mere på TV2

Men alle viger udenom, at det er direkte koran-citater,  det vil være alt for pinligt for vore naive eksperter, kommentatorer og politikere. Konklusionen, som de ikke tør drage, må være – hvornår bliver koranen forbudt?

13 oktober 2014

ISIS bruger kemiske våben i belejringen af Kobane

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Bahoz Baran, an YPG fighter inside Kobani in northern Syria, told BasNews that the Jihadi group has used chemical weapons against the Kobani residents.

“After IS attempts to take Kobani collapsed under fire from Kurdish fighters and alliance force airstrikes, now they are using chemical weapons,” claims Baran.

Baran has shown a number of photos of injured people, that purport to prove that chemical weapons have been used against the Kurdish fighters as well as the residents of the city.

ISIS indfører nye regler for kvinder

Islamic State (IS) militants have imposed new dress requirements for women and girls in areas under their control in Iraq.

A source from Fallujah, Anbar province has revealed details of the restrictions to BasNews.

“According to IS militants’ new rules, women whose husbands have died have to wear black and they are never allowed to wear colorful dresses,” said Mohammed.

He gave details about a separate part of the law, that decrees that unmarried girls must wear white.

Mohammed also claims that all the girls who have not yet been circumcised, will have to be soon.  The decision was made three days ago.

Mere på BasNews

Og vi siger velbekomme til de “danske” kvinder, der rejser derned.

8 oktober 2014

Fødemaskiner forlader Danmark

Inden for de seneste måneder er to unge kvinder på 18 og 21 år rejst til Syrien for at støtte Islamisk Stat.

Det afslører DR2s nye aktualitetsmagasin DR2 Nu i aften. Kvinderne er født og opvokset i København, og DR2 Nu erfarer, at begge kvinder står på listen over personer, der er rejst til Syrien.

Antallet af kvinder, der tager til Mellemøsten for at støtte Islamisk Stat, er stigende. Alene i Danmark er op mod 15 kvinder taget af sted, vurderer flere eksperter, som kalder det stærkt bekymrende.

Mere på ………….selvfølgelig DDR

Hvorfor er det bekymrende? Det eneste bekymrende er, hvis de vender tilbage til Danmark – i særdeleshed hvis de er gravide. Og hvorfor fortsætter DDR med at kalde de gemene voldtægtsforbrydere, pædofile, massemordere, terrorister og krigsforbrydere for ‘hellige’?

Michael Coren & Athar Khan – Homegrown jihadis, Muslim denial

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Det går dine skattekroner til

2 oktober 2014

Massacre in Syrian Kurdish town would end PKK’s peace talks with Turkey: Ocalan

ISTANBUL: Jailed Kurdish militant leader Abdullah Ocalan has warned that peace talks between his group and the Turkish state will come to an end if ISIS militants are allowed to carry out a massacre in a predominantly Kurdish town on the Syrian border.

“If this massacre attempt achieves its goal it will end the process,” Ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), said in a statement released by a pro-Kurdish party delegation which visited him in jail on Wednesday.

ISIS militants have been besieging the border of town of Kobani for more than two weeks, sending more than 150,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing to Turkey and piling pressure on the NATO member to intervene.

Fra The Daily Star

22 september 2014

Fredens og tolerancens religion: Dette barn forsøgte at stikke af fra ISIS

Det er disse gerningsmænd vore politikere ikke tør være konsekvente overfor.

ISIS_HUMANITYMere på Twitter

18 september 2014

Tyrkisk sygeplejerske led og ked af at behandle ISIS-terrorister på tyrkisk hospital

A nurse who works at a private hospital in Mersin, a city and province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, has told Turkish authorities and Parliament that she is sick and tired of treating members of the terrorist organization the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which now calls itself the “Islamic State.”

The nurse, who was identified only by her initials, E.G., in a news story published by the Taraf daily on Wednesday, said of ISIL militants: “We treat them, and they go on to decapitate people. I am sick of treating wounded ISIL militants.” E.G. has also written a letter to Parliament and the National Police Department, saying she and her colleagues are extremely disturbed by the fact that they have to treat people “who chop off heads.”

Taraf reported that other health workers in Mersin and other provinces close to the Syrian border are uneasy about having to help wounded ISIL militants, who are responsible for extreme violence and bloodshed in northern Iraq and Syria.

Australien: Politiet forhindrer muslimske terrorplaner bl.a. offentlig halshugning

Sura 47 (Muhammad) vers 4: Når I møder dem, der er vantro, så giv dem hug over halsen!

Mere her.

Tyrkiet leverer militære forsyninger og transport med tog til ISIS?

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Kurdistan People’s Initiative, called for urgent help to stop crossing of ISIS gangs who are besieging Kobane region.


Turkish state is carrying ammunition to ISIS with trains!

While ISIS gangs attack Kobane from 3 different fronts, the Turkish state is carrying military aid by trains to Tel Abyad. According to local sources at Gire Spi (tel abyad), there are many train dispatches just across to Silib Qeran village which is serving as a base for ISIS gangs. Although there are no train station there, the trains are stopping at this spot exactly and emptying their loads. After the train leaves, it has been reported that, the gang members collect the crates.

Massive resistance against massive 3 frontal attacks

The ISIS gangs which has accumulated many forces during the last days to east and west front of Kobane, has commenced simultaneous attacks to Kobane from all directions. There are heavy clashes between YPG and ISIS gangs. As a result of these heavy fightings, 102 ISIS gang members have been killed. YPG has 8 martyrs and 3 farm workers have been killed as well. The clashes are still ongoing on three fronts.

Mere på Kurdish Question

Det siges, at ISIS har 47 tyrkiske gidsler, som stammer fra den tyrkiske ambassade i Mosul, og at de derfor har krammet på tyrkerne?

16 september 2014

Rygter om hvem der køber olie af ISIS

Der går rygter på Nettet om, at ISIS sælger 80.000 tønder olie om dagen.

Rygterne går selvfølgelig også om, hvem køberne er:

has been purchasing black market oik from at a reduced price of $15 per barrel, according to a senior official.

Fra Slemani Times

Desuden påstås det, at EU-lande også er købere:

senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group. The official declined to disclose any names but Turkey remains a front-runner (having already shunned President Obama) and potentially France (after their recent anti-Petrodollar comments).

Bemærk, at Tyrkiet benævnes som EU-medlem – det øger vist ikke troværdigheden.


Vi hører intet fra Jødehaderne, der så ofte taler om boykot, om at ISIS skal boykottes.

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