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12 september 2014

David Woods tanker om ISIS og Verdensherredømmet

10 september 2014

I gamle dage havde de Øst- og Vest-Zonerne i Tyskland

Nu de er sluppet af med dem er Shariah-Zonen stærkt på vej i stedet:

Tak til Observing Hermann som også har denne opbyggelige historie:  Time For The Next Lösegeld Payment.

Tusindvis af sex-slaver

Det yazediske medlem af det irakiske parlament MP Vian Dakhil:

Number of abducted female Ezidis more than 5000, aged between 13-56. Girls sold for $300-$150


Hvor var det lige vi hørte protester fra vore feminister overfor pædofilien, voldtægterne, mordene og slaveriet der finder sted i Irak og Syrien med allahs velsignelse?

Nå ja – ingen steder, de har jo travlt med at diskutere kønsneutral opdragelse i børnehaven og lignende. De har heller ikke lige haft tid til at kommentere sagen fra Rapingham.

9 september 2014

Nürnbergdomstolen som fortilfælde

Ifølge dansk lovgivning er det fuldt ud lovligt at rejse til Syrien og deltage i kamp mod Assad.

Det vil dog være ulovligt, hvis man tilslutter sig en terrorgruppe som Islamisk Stat eller begår overgreb mod civile.

»Det er meget, meget svært at bevise, hvis nogen har gjort noget ulovligt i Syrien. Først skal det bevises, at en organisation er en terrororganisation, så skal det bevises, at der er tilknytning til den,« siger professor i strafferet ved Københavns Universitet Jørn Vestergaard.

Skriver Jyllands-Posten

Man kan vel henholde sig til Nürnbergdomstolen, som erklærede SS, SD og GESTAPO for kriminelle organisationer, og at medlemskab af disse dermed var en kriminel handling, medmindre man var tvunget ind i dem:

The Tribunal declares to be criminal within the meaning of the Charter the group composed of those persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS as enumerated in the preceding paragraph, who became or remained members of
the organization with knowledge that it was being used for the commission of acts declared criminal by Article 6 of the Charter, or who were personally implicated as members of the organization in the commission of such crimes, excluding, however, those who were drafted into membership by the State in such a way as to give them no choice in the matter, and who had committed no such crimes.

Medlemskab af de nævnte organisationer medførte bl.a., at man uden videre kunne arresteres, og at man mistede flere af sine rettigheder.

Det er disse dyr vore politikere mener vi fortsat skal kalde danskere!

ISIS Sex Slave: Kurdish Yazidi teen girl, 17, describes horrific ordeal at hands of Islamic State

ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— A Kurdish teenager taken captive by ISIS has described being forced into sexual slavery by the Islamist terrorists along with 40 other women, some as young as 12.

Islamic State fighters are killing and enslaving members of Iraq’s ancient religious minorities, including Assyrian Christians and the Yazidi Kurds.

The 17-year-old Yazidi, who is still in captivity, said her torturers were “people without a heart” who “do not even spare the women with small children”.

She claimed the women in her group of captives – all Yazidis – were being sexually abused on a daily basis, while being held in a building with barred windows and guarded by armed men.

“I beg you not to publish my name because I’m so ashamed of what they are doing to me,” she told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper in an exclusive report.

“There’s a part of me that just wants to die. But there is another part of me that still hopes that I will be saved and that I will be able to embrace my parents once again.”

The paper was given a mobile number for the girl by her parents, who are in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The distraught teenager added: “To hurt us even more, they told us to describe in detail to our parents what they are doing. They laugh at us because they think they are invincible.

“They consider themselves are supermen. But they are people without a heart. Our torturers do not even spare the women who have small children with them.

“Nor do they spare the girls – some of our group are not even 13 years old. Some of them will no longer say a word.”

The girl was captured by ISIS in August as they attacked the town of Sinjar, forcing many Yazidi families to flee into the adjacent mountain range and face starvation and death by dehydration rather capture or execution by the fanatics.

Though most of those there ultimately escaped, many were captured by the group, which has been accused of committing ethnic cleansing in Iraq on a historic scale.

ISIS has also been forcibly converting Yazidis, whose faith dates back 4,000 years, to Islam.

The girl, whom the paper gave the pseudonym Mayat, said she wished she was dead.

“They treat us as if we are their slaves. The men hit us and threaten us when we try to resist. Often I wish that they would beat me so severely that I would die,” she said.

“If one day this torture ever ends, my life will always be marked by what I have suffered in these weeks. Even if I survive, I don’t know how I’m going to cancel from my mind this horror.

“We’ve asked our jailers to shoot us dead, to kill us, but we are too valuable for them.

“They keep telling us that we are unbelievers because we are non-Muslims and that we are their property, like war booty. They say we are like goats bought at a market.”

Mayat is being held in a village south of Mosul, Iraq’s second city, which fell to ISIS shortly after they pushed into Iraq.

She said she had hoped the Peshmerga Kurdish forces, which have been fighting ISIS with assistance from American airstrikes, would rescue her.

She said: “I want them to hurry up and drive them all out, because I don’t know how much longer I can stand this. They’ve already killed my body. Now they’re killing my mind.”

After more than 3,000 women were abducted into slavery by ISIS in just two weeks, human rights campaigners Amnesty international told The Daily Mirror: “The victims are of all ages.

“It seems they took away entire families, all those who did not manage to flee.”

Last month two UN officials issued a joint statement on the “barbaric acts” of sexual violence committed by ISIS fighters.

“We condemn, in the strongest terms, the explicit targeting of women and children and the barbaric acts the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ has perpetrated on minorities in areas under its control, and we remind all armed groups that acts of sexual violence are grave human rights violations that can be considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Nickolay Mladenov, special representative of the UN secretary-general for Iraq and Zainab Hawa Bangura, special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence in conflict, said.

The statement, reported by Newsweek, cited evidence of “savage rapes” being used as weapons of war against women and teenage boys and girls belonging to the Yazidi, Christian, Turkomen and Shabak minority groups in Iraq.

Academic and Middle East expert Haleh Esfandiari has said ISIS allow their followers to rape captured girls and women as a “reward”.

“ISIS has received considerable world attention for its savage beheadings, executions of captured soldiers and men in conquered towns and villages, violence against Christians and Shiites,t and the destruction of non-Sunni shrines and places of worship,” she blogged for the Wall Street Journal.

“But its barbarity against women has been treated as a side issue. Arab and Muslim governments, vocal on the threat ISIS poses to regional stability, have been virtually silent on ISIS’s systemic degradation, abuse, and humiliation of women.

“To the men of ISIS, women are an inferior race, to be enjoyed for sex and be discarded, or to be sold off as slaves.”

Amnesty International spokeswoman Donatella Rovera, who is in Iraq, told Huffington Post UK that, though the charity had not verified any cases of women suffering sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS, she said there was evidence that captured women were under “strong pressure to convert to Islam and strong pressure to marry (ISIS) fighters”.

Fra ekurd.net
For at citere Winston Churchill angående vore politikere:

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

4 september 2014

UK Kurdish Genocide Task Force seeks international action to punish acts of genocide committed by terrorists

The UK Kurdish Genocide Task Force, an independent group of experts and British Parliamentarians, calls on the international community to end, prosecute and punish acts of genocide and other crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

The Kurdish Genocide Task Force was established in 2011 to gain recognition of acts of genocide that took place against the Iraqi Kurds in the past. It is now clear that genocide has come again to Iraq, this time claiming Yezidi Kurds, Assyrian Christians, Shabaks and Kakayis.

We urge all States to take swift and effective action.

Genocide starts with the first victim. There have already been too many.


Mere på Den Kurdiske Lokalregerings hjemmeside.

29 august 2014

Yazidiske kvinders valg: konverter til islam og gift dig med ISIS medlem – eller daglig voldtægt og langsom død


Læs mere om de degenererede ISIS medlemmer.

Og om deres islamiske bordeller for ikke-muslimske piger og kvinder.

Hussein Obamas strategi mod ondskaben

Præsident Hussein Obama holdt i dag tale om, hvordan USA vil tackle ISIS.


Men han har en klar ide om, hvor ondskaben befinder sig:


26 august 2014

Brigitte Gabriel om fredelige muslimer

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The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet.

I pædofeten Muhammeds fodspor

Allahs budbringer Muhammed (Allahs fred og velsignelser med ham) er vores forbillede i alle henseender.

The United Nations said on Sunday it had evidence that fighters from Islamic State (Isis) had killed as many as 670 prisoners in Mosul and had carried out further abuses in Iraq that amounted to crimes against humanity.

Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, said Islamic State and allied fighters were committing “grave, horrific human rights violations” on a daily basis. These included targeted killings, forced conversions, abductions, trafficking, slavery and sexual abuse, Pillay said.

The jihadists, who are consolidating their control of northern and eastern Iraq, have also destroyed religious and cultural monuments and have laid siege to whole communities, Pillay said. “They are systematically targeting men, women and children based on their ethnic, religious or sectarian affiliation and ruthlessly carrying out widespread ethnic and religious cleansing in the areas under their control.”

Taqiyya på højt plan:

13 august 2014

Irakiske kristne kaster deres børn ud fra bjergtop for at beskytte dem mod voldtægt slaveri og slagtning af ISIS terrorister

Iraqi Christians are throwing their children from the mountaintop to keep them from being raped, enslaved, and/or slaughtered by ISIS terrorists

Imagine being trapped on top of a mountain, dying slowly of thirst, and knowing the only thing that awaits upon descent is certain death or capture by ISIS terrorists? This is exactly what is reportedly happening atop Mount Sinjar in Iraq.

Mere her med billeder og video – du advares mod grimme billeder.

Hvorfor reagerer vore politikere ikke? Hvordan ville det se ud, hvis det var krisne og jøder der myrdede løs på muslimer? Ja svaret giver sig selv – i Israel-Gaza konflikten.

10 august 2014

Muslimer skaber helvede på jorden – begraver (måske) mennesker levende

Men sjovnalister, politikere, kendte og andre godmennesker går i selvsving over, at Israel bruger sin ret til at forsvare sig mod terroristangreb.

‘It is death valley. Up to 70 per cent of them are dead’
On board Iraqi army helicopter delivering aid to the trapped Yazidis, Jonathan Krohn sees a hellish sight.
Mount Sinjar stinks of death. The few Yazidis who have managed to escape its clutches can tell you why. “Dogs were eating the bodies of the dead,” said Haji Khedev Haydev, 65, who ran through the lines of Islamic State jihadists surrounding it.

On Sunday night, I became the first western journalist to reach the mountains where tens of thousands of Yazidis, a previously obscure Middle Eastern sect, have been taking refuge from the Islamic State forces that seized their largest town, Sinjar.

There, they face thirst and starvation, as well as the crippling heat of midsummer.

Hundreds, if not more, have already died, including scores of children. A Yazidi Iraqi MP, Vian Dakhil, told reporters in Baghdad:

“We have one or two days left to help these people. After that they will start dying en masse.”

There have been repeated stories that the jihadists have seized hundreds of Yazidi women and are holding them in Mosul, either in schools or the prison. These cannot be confirmed, though they are widely believed and several Yazidi refugees said they had been unable to contact Yazidi women relatives who were living behind Islamic State lines.

Kamil Amin, of the Iraqi human rights ministry, said: “We think that the terrorists by now consider them slaves and they have vicious plans for them.”

Mere på Telegraph

Meddelelse fra den kurdiske lokalregering KRG.

Iraq militants have executed 500 people – burying women and children alive in a mass graves, the human rights minister has said.

ISIS tilhænger i København på Twitter og Facebook.

At least 20,000 civilians besieged by jihadists on a mountain in northern Iraq have safely escaped to Syria and been escorted by Kurdish forces back into Iraq.

Info om Peshmerga.


Mere her

9 august 2014

Mellemøst konflikten i en nøddeskal

27 juli 2014

“Der er ikke noget land, der gør så meget for at hindre civile tab som Israel”

Siger Oberst Richard Kemp, der kæmpede i Afghanistan mod talliban

Når FNs lgeneralsekretær og andre siger at Israel må gøre “mere” for at forhindre civile tab,
så bør journalisten og Israel spørge : Hvad mere er det du vil have , Israel skal gøre ?

Taget herfra

Lad os lige kaste et blik på, hvordan England og USA “passede” på civile tab i NaziTyskland under anden verdenskrig:

Dresden 1 February 1945

Billedet stammer fra Dresden i Februar 1945.
Ca 25000 blev dræbt. Tyskerne fik – fortjent – tilbage af samme mønt, som de havde givet Warszawa, Rotterdan, London og mange andre byer.

Måske skulle englændere og amerikanere vare sig for at give gode “råd” til Israel om civile tab …

Her er et eksempel på at hamas affyrer 3 raketter mod Israel fra en skole !

Israel har al ret til at bombe stedt, men vælger at lade være aht de civile ofre.

27 marts 2014

Norske Stoltenberg køres i stilling som Natos næste generalsekretær

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Men er en norsk Nato- og Israel-hader velegnet til det ? Er der virkelig ingen bedre ?

“Da Jens Stoltenberg var leder af AUF (unge norske socialdemokrater) i 1985, blev han interviewet i Aftenposten om Norges tilknytning til NATO.

- Du er ingen utpreget NATO-tilhenger? spør journalisten.

- Nei, det stemmer. AUFs mål er å nedbygge blokkene og norsk utmeldelse av alliansen, svarer Stoltenberg, før han viser en mer forsonlig holdning:”

Det siger sig selv at Obama ikke har noget imod ham som Fogh’s efterfølger…

Her er han sammen med sine palæstinensiske venner fra Fatah(PLOs væbnede afd. på Utøya :

Taget herfra

Og herfra
hvor du kan læse at han var inspireret af Che Guevara og Castro.
Ligesom Lykketoft…

og her

21 marts 2014

“Hvordan i al verdenen klarede vi os dog ?”

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Det spørgsmål stilles i denne video

Taget herfra

16 marts 2014

Den skarpe juraprofessor Eugene Kontorovich redegør for international lov vedrørende Israel

DanMarx Radios 21-Nyheders Steffen Kretz havde i aften et indslag om boykot af Israel, hvor det ikke skortede på ord som ‘mur’, ‘ulovlig besættelse’, ulovlige bosættelser osv.

Professor Kontorovich sætter på brilliant facon tingene på plads.

Jeg må se at få købt en Soda-Stream maskine.

28 februar 2014

100vis af Anne Frank bøger vandaliseret i Japan

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En eller flere vandaler var på spil i et bibliotek i Japan

Japan har et godt forhold til Israel, men selv der er der åbenbart nogle, der ikke kan tåle Anne Franks dagbog

Taget herfra

17 februar 2014

Jødehad på ægyptisk(=arabisk)…

At beskylde jøder for at ville have magten over alt og alle er en gammel antisemitisk traver

Men desværre evig “aktuel”.

Her er et “teaterstykke” fra Ægypten, som også er blevet vist i ægyptisk TV.
Ifølge det er “jøderne” – disse 15 millioner af verdens 8-9 milliader
( altså mindre end 2 promille) – ude på at tage magten over hele verdenen, specielt over den arabiske verden.
Det var selvfølgelig dem, der stod bag det arabiske forår !
og så videre..

Erstat den arabiske tekst med russisk, og det er som at se Zions vises protokoller (et falsum fra Zar-Ruslands hemmelige politi).

Erstat den arabiske tekst med tysk og det er som at se et nummer fra nazisternes Völkischer Beobacter, Nazisternes dagblad.

Her er en engelsk oversættelse , som jeg har taget fra kilden nedenunder:

Following are excerpts from the play, broadcast on January 31, 2014:

Mossad headquarters, Mossad officials listen to an Israeli child singing Umm Kulthum’s Enta Omri. All male Mossad officials are named Binyamin and listed here according to their seating from left to right.

All Mossad officials: How great…

Binyamin I: What’s wrong with you, Binyamin?

Binyamin V: Binyamin, why do you cry whenever you hear this song?

Binyamin III: To tell the truth, I don’t understand a word of the song.

Binyamin I: Ummu Kulthum’s song, Enta Omri, is very beautiful.

Binyamin II: Just beautiful?! That boy Elisha sings it better than Umm Kulthum herself.

Female Mossad official: Binyamin, do you think that the Egyptians stole this tune from us, or vice versa?

Binyamin III: They stole it from us, of course – just like they stole the pyramids and the Sphinx.


Our perspective is a simple and humble one. All we want is to control the whole world. Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!


Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

Binyamin III: Long live Israel!

Mossad officials: Long live Israel!

All Mossad officials break out in dance to the tune of Hava Nagila


Binyamin III: Lady, take your son and go away. We are preparing for a huge operation of espionage and sowing disunity, and we don’t want anyone to know anything about it – not its target nor its location.

Mother of Ezra (a would-be Mossad operative): Where will it take place?

Binyamin III: In Egypt, God willing.

Ezra: And what is the target?

Binyamin III: The entire Arab world.


Binyamin IV: I don’t understand, Binyamin #5, how come you are accepting this boy back into the Mossad so easily.

Binyamin III: If we don’t, he will stand opposite the Mossad headquarters, and throw stones on us. He is mentally retarded.

Binyamin V: You’re right, but let’s focus on what’s important – today begins the most important of the Arab Spring revolutions.

Binyamin I: I’ve heard that it is still a demonstration. It hasn’t transformed into a revolution yet.

Binyamin III: That’s why we need to keep an eye on that demonstration.

Binyamin V: Eyes are a thing of the past. Today, we know what is going on from Facebook and Twitter.

Binyamin II: We know everything but the color of their underwear…

They all burst into laughter

Binyamin I: Would you believe that they still have signs on buildings: “Keep Away” and “No Photography”?

They all burst into laughter

Binyamin III: Google Earth gives us all the information we need.


Binyamin IV: The most important thing that we need to know is whether the demonstrations are taking place only in Tahrir Square, or in other places as well.

Binyamin II: Right now, they are only in Tahrir Square, but soon enough, they’ll spread all over. After all, the Egyptian people is demanding change…

Tænk, hvis DR og/eller TV2 bragte sådanne videoer, så den denske befolkning kunne se, hvad de fik for ulandsstøtten til Ægypten og stort set alle andre arabiske lande.

Videoer som disse findes i stort set alle arabiske lande.

Når man oplærer sin befolkning til at hade jøder, gør man jo en fredelig løsning næsten umulig.

Taget herfra

19 januar 2014


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Bill Whittle gør op med appeasement-politikken i 1930’erne og idag

Iran is talking
Og sammenligner Obama med Neville Chamberlain
Obama og Iranh

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