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18 september 2014

Massedemonstration i London mod muslimers seksuelle misbrug af tusindvis af børn

Nå nej – det er jo fuldstændig omkostningsfrit at demonstrere mod den katolske kirke for overgreb der er 40-50 år gamle – og hvem tør opponere mod det multikulturelle samfunds kulturberigelser?.

Fra Pavebesøget i London 2010.

17 september 2014

Twitter: 4 “danske” ISIS folk dræbt

Det skulle være nogen af dem der optræder i denne video.

Kilden er USA’s State Departments officielle Twitter konto.


Så mangler vi 96.

16 september 2014

Al-hijra – det lyder bekendt!

Displaced Syrians will likely make up the next big wave of Muslim refugees coming to America.

Since the early 1990s, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees has selected 200,000 to 250,000 refugees from Islamic countries to be resettled in the United States. Most of them have come from Somalia and Iraq. Syria could soon be added to the mix in the midst of that country’s brutal civil war. The Obama administration has been greasing the skids for the Syrian refugees for months, WND has learned, and the refugees will soon be dumped on American cities throughout the U.S.


Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” said it should come as no surprise that the U.N. would do everything in its power to flood the United States with as many Muslim refugees as possible.

She said the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or OIC, which is comprised of 56 Muslim countries and the Palestinian Authority, makes up the largest voting bloc at the U.N. General Assembly.

“They’re very powerful, they’re very dangerous,” Geller said. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Geller, Corcoran and others such as Islam scholar Bat Ye’or have long warned that there are two methods of creating Islamic supremacy in the world. One is through violent jihad. The other is through al-hijra, or the Islamic doctrine of immigration.

“Basically you have those who want to take over (countries) through immigration saying to the jihadists “you guys need to stop cutting people’s heads off and be patient,’” Corcoran said. Al-hijra will accomplish the same goal over the long term in countries open to immigration, which includes the United States and most of Europe.

Læs mere på WND

Özlem Cekic lader som om hun ikke kender begrebet.

10 september 2014

I gamle dage havde de Øst- og Vest-Zonerne i Tyskland

Nu de er sluppet af med dem er Shariah-Zonen stærkt på vej i stedet:

Tak til Observing Hermann som også har denne opbyggelige historie:  Time For The Next Lösegeld Payment.

9 september 2014

Nürnbergdomstolen som fortilfælde

Ifølge dansk lovgivning er det fuldt ud lovligt at rejse til Syrien og deltage i kamp mod Assad.

Det vil dog være ulovligt, hvis man tilslutter sig en terrorgruppe som Islamisk Stat eller begår overgreb mod civile.

»Det er meget, meget svært at bevise, hvis nogen har gjort noget ulovligt i Syrien. Først skal det bevises, at en organisation er en terrororganisation, så skal det bevises, at der er tilknytning til den,« siger professor i strafferet ved Københavns Universitet Jørn Vestergaard.

Skriver Jyllands-Posten

Man kan vel henholde sig til Nürnbergdomstolen, som erklærede SS, SD og GESTAPO for kriminelle organisationer, og at medlemskab af disse dermed var en kriminel handling, medmindre man var tvunget ind i dem:

The Tribunal declares to be criminal within the meaning of the Charter the group composed of those persons who had been officially accepted as members of the SS as enumerated in the preceding paragraph, who became or remained members of
the organization with knowledge that it was being used for the commission of acts declared criminal by Article 6 of the Charter, or who were personally implicated as members of the organization in the commission of such crimes, excluding, however, those who were drafted into membership by the State in such a way as to give them no choice in the matter, and who had committed no such crimes.

Medlemskab af de nævnte organisationer medførte bl.a., at man uden videre kunne arresteres, og at man mistede flere af sine rettigheder.

Det er disse dyr vore politikere mener vi fortsat skal kalde danskere!

ISIS Sex Slave: Kurdish Yazidi teen girl, 17, describes horrific ordeal at hands of Islamic State

ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— A Kurdish teenager taken captive by ISIS has described being forced into sexual slavery by the Islamist terrorists along with 40 other women, some as young as 12.

Islamic State fighters are killing and enslaving members of Iraq’s ancient religious minorities, including Assyrian Christians and the Yazidi Kurds.

The 17-year-old Yazidi, who is still in captivity, said her torturers were “people without a heart” who “do not even spare the women with small children”.

She claimed the women in her group of captives – all Yazidis – were being sexually abused on a daily basis, while being held in a building with barred windows and guarded by armed men.

“I beg you not to publish my name because I’m so ashamed of what they are doing to me,” she told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper in an exclusive report.

“There’s a part of me that just wants to die. But there is another part of me that still hopes that I will be saved and that I will be able to embrace my parents once again.”

The paper was given a mobile number for the girl by her parents, who are in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The distraught teenager added: “To hurt us even more, they told us to describe in detail to our parents what they are doing. They laugh at us because they think they are invincible.

“They consider themselves are supermen. But they are people without a heart. Our torturers do not even spare the women who have small children with them.

“Nor do they spare the girls – some of our group are not even 13 years old. Some of them will no longer say a word.”

The girl was captured by ISIS in August as they attacked the town of Sinjar, forcing many Yazidi families to flee into the adjacent mountain range and face starvation and death by dehydration rather capture or execution by the fanatics.

Though most of those there ultimately escaped, many were captured by the group, which has been accused of committing ethnic cleansing in Iraq on a historic scale.

ISIS has also been forcibly converting Yazidis, whose faith dates back 4,000 years, to Islam.

The girl, whom the paper gave the pseudonym Mayat, said she wished she was dead.

“They treat us as if we are their slaves. The men hit us and threaten us when we try to resist. Often I wish that they would beat me so severely that I would die,” she said.

“If one day this torture ever ends, my life will always be marked by what I have suffered in these weeks. Even if I survive, I don’t know how I’m going to cancel from my mind this horror.

“We’ve asked our jailers to shoot us dead, to kill us, but we are too valuable for them.

“They keep telling us that we are unbelievers because we are non-Muslims and that we are their property, like war booty. They say we are like goats bought at a market.”

Mayat is being held in a village south of Mosul, Iraq’s second city, which fell to ISIS shortly after they pushed into Iraq.

She said she had hoped the Peshmerga Kurdish forces, which have been fighting ISIS with assistance from American airstrikes, would rescue her.

She said: “I want them to hurry up and drive them all out, because I don’t know how much longer I can stand this. They’ve already killed my body. Now they’re killing my mind.”

After more than 3,000 women were abducted into slavery by ISIS in just two weeks, human rights campaigners Amnesty international told The Daily Mirror: “The victims are of all ages.

“It seems they took away entire families, all those who did not manage to flee.”

Last month two UN officials issued a joint statement on the “barbaric acts” of sexual violence committed by ISIS fighters.

“We condemn, in the strongest terms, the explicit targeting of women and children and the barbaric acts the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ has perpetrated on minorities in areas under its control, and we remind all armed groups that acts of sexual violence are grave human rights violations that can be considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Nickolay Mladenov, special representative of the UN secretary-general for Iraq and Zainab Hawa Bangura, special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence in conflict, said.

The statement, reported by Newsweek, cited evidence of “savage rapes” being used as weapons of war against women and teenage boys and girls belonging to the Yazidi, Christian, Turkomen and Shabak minority groups in Iraq.

Academic and Middle East expert Haleh Esfandiari has said ISIS allow their followers to rape captured girls and women as a “reward”.

“ISIS has received considerable world attention for its savage beheadings, executions of captured soldiers and men in conquered towns and villages, violence against Christians and Shiites,t and the destruction of non-Sunni shrines and places of worship,” she blogged for the Wall Street Journal.

“But its barbarity against women has been treated as a side issue. Arab and Muslim governments, vocal on the threat ISIS poses to regional stability, have been virtually silent on ISIS’s systemic degradation, abuse, and humiliation of women.

“To the men of ISIS, women are an inferior race, to be enjoyed for sex and be discarded, or to be sold off as slaves.”

Amnesty International spokeswoman Donatella Rovera, who is in Iraq, told Huffington Post UK that, though the charity had not verified any cases of women suffering sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS, she said there was evidence that captured women were under “strong pressure to convert to Islam and strong pressure to marry (ISIS) fighters”.

Fra ekurd.net
For at citere Winston Churchill angående vore politikere:

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

8 september 2014

Jihadi John to be unmasked ‘within days':

Identity of masked British executioner to be revealed as FBI prepares to arrest 12 of his UK associates


  • British and American authorities say they know identity of hostage killer
  • FBI team flown into Britain last month is now closing in on 12 suspects in UK
  • Believed to have provided money, contacts and helped him travel to Syria
  • Suspects include several from West Midlands already known to services

Mere på Daily Mail

ADVARSEL: En god ISIS-terrorist er en død ISIS-terrorist .

6 september 2014

Islamiseringen af Europa skrider planmæssigt frem

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Shariah Politi i Wuppertal Tyskland.



5 september 2014

Geert Wilders: Hvis du flager med ISIS flag er det en enkeltbillet ud af landet

Dutch Politician: ‘If You Are Waving an ISIS flag You Are Waving an Exit Ticket. Leave!’

A Dutch lawmaker once put on trial for his views on Islam called Thursday for Dutch Muslims supportive of groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) to leave the country and never be allowed to return.

“Anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy, as far as I’m concerned, should leave the country at once,” Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders told parliament in The Hague.

Mere på TruNEWS

4 september 2014

15 globale udfordringer


31 august 2014

Irland vil ikke tøve med at fratage ISIS-terrorister statsborgerskabet

Ireland should prepare for return of jihadists

About 26 Irish citizens are estimated to be fighting with factions involved in the expansion of the Islamic State.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has stated she would “not hesitate” to revoke the citizenship of any Irish passport holder involved in illegal or terror-related “jihadi” activities in Iraq or Syria.

Mere på Irishtimes


30 august 2014

Sean Hannity VIDEO Grills Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary on ISIS Sharia Law “Convert or Die”

28 august 2014

Hussein Obama, vore politikere og EU ønsker at NATO-landet Tyrkiet bliver medlem af EU

Samtidig er det en offentlig hemmelighed, at tusindvis af IS-terrorister fra hele Verden har fri passage gennem den gennemkontrollerede politistat Tyrkiet.

Terroristmotorvejen gennem Tyrkiet

Terroristmotorvejen gennem Tyrkiet

27 august 2014

Sandheden om den muslimske indvandring til Europa

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26 august 2014

Hver sjette “franskmand” støtter ISIS

Two polls released this week both ask a question that you would hope wouldn’t need asking: how many people support the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? Unfortunately, in all four countries surveyed, the answer is greater than zero, and by a lot.

Here is a chart of the results of the polls. The first, by ICM Research, asked people in Germany, France, and the UK whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of ISIS. The second, by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, asked Gazans whether they support or oppose ISIS. Here are the results.

First, a caveat: while the polls of Gazans and Europeans are similar, they are not totally identical. They were conducted by different polling agencies using different methods, and the different question could skew responses, as “support” is stronger than “favor.” So keep that in mind when comparing the Gaza results to the others, although it is hard to ignore that ISIS could have a higher approval rating in France than in Gaza.


In any case, the big, scary, surprising, number here is France: 16 percent of those surveyed say they support ISIS. That’s an awful lot. And that number gets even larger as the demographics get younger, as shown in this by-age breakdown published by Russia Today (the poll was commissioned by Russian state media, almost certainly to tar and/or troll Western countries, but that doesn’t make the findings any less disturbing):

Læs resten her.

Frankrig i dag.

25 august 2014

Nogle få fornuftige stemmer i mørket

Enkelte offentlige personer i Storbritannien er ved at vågne op og siger deres mening om barbariet i Mellemøsten.

Londons borgmester Boris Johnson udtaler:

Britons who travel to “war areas” should be presumed potential terrorists unless they can prove otherwise, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said. Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, he called for tougher powers to deal with British extremists who leave the UK to fight in Iraq and Syria. He said there should be a “presumption” that Britons who go without telling UK authorities have a “terrorist purpose”.

George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, said

“jihadists fighting overseas should lose their British passports and be barred from returning to the UK. He also criticised multiculturalism for allowing immigrant communities to establish “separate identities in our cities”.”

In an unusual alliance, David Davis, the Conservative backbencher and one of parliament’s most outspoken libertarians, also said

British jihadists should be stripped of their citizenship, even though this might be against international law. Lawyers would say you cannot render someone stateless. Perhaps, perhaps not,” said Davis. “Whitehall lawyers have been wrong before. Democracies have a right to defend themselves.”

Men vågner magthaverne og menneskerettighedsfanatisterne op og begynder at beskytte deres egne befolkninger fremfor at holde hånden over barbariske middelaldermennesker? Hvilke danske politikere vil stå frem med de samme meninger?


14 august 2014

Vi har inviteret den rendyrkede ondskab ind i vor midte

Apparent Islamic State (IS/ISIS) sympathizers assaulted a group of Yezidis in the German city of Herford this week, police said, a repercussion of the war in Iraq a continent away.

The assault led to a larger clash, forcing police to send in reinforcements and use pepper spray to calm the situation.

Police said the assault on the German Yezidis was perpetrated by six men from Chechnya, who are apparent IS supporters.

The incident reportedly happened after the Yezidi owner of a pizzeria hung a poster in his restaurant window to support a demonstration against IS attacks in Iraq.

According to police, six Chechens provoked by the poster tried to forcibly remove it, beginning a scuffle with the owner and four other Yezidis. The 31-old owner and a 16-year old student were slightly injured by knife wounds.

Six people – five ethnic Chechens and a German convert to Islam — were arrested after the fight, all known to the police. According to German media, two of the arrested persons are “leading Salafist operatives” who were being monitored by German intelligence.

The singer Hadi Shingali, related to the owner of the pizzeria, confirmed the German media version of the incident. Around 100,000 Yezidis live in Germany, of whom many fled abroad because of persecution in their homeland.

“Now we also feel unsafe in Europe if such fanatics also attack us here,” Shingali said, stressing that the war in Iraq is not just between Yezidis and the militants.

“On the contrary, the ISIS is against all Kurds and all Muslims who do not think like them. At our demonstrations against ISIS many of the participants are Muslim Kurds.”

The owner of the pizzeria would not speak to the media, but Firyal Khalaf, a relative, told Rudaw: “Now we have found out that ISIS sympathizers live so close to us. It’s scary.”

Mere på Rudaw

23 april 2014

I Frankrig er det gået op for regeringen at befolkningen er dødtræt af EU

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Først og fremmest pga. den ubegrænsede import af muslimer.

Den franske regering har derfor prøvet at gøre en lille bitte smule ved problemet, så man man påstå at man skam gør noget.

Nu vil man – pludselig – stoppe unge muslimer i at deltage i Jihad’en i Syrien.

Her er Marie Le Pens kommentar:

Som Abe Lincoln sage : man kan narre nogle mennesker hele tiden og alle mennesker en del tid,
men man kan ikke narre alle mennesker hele tiden.

Det vil EU-pamperne forhåbentligt snart erfare , når der skal vælges EU-parlament snart.

Taget herfra

27 marts 2014

Hjemvendte jihad-terrorister er ikke ufarlige

Fransk politik har fundet et kilo sprængstof hos en jihadist “hjem”vendt fra Syrien

Hvorfor tillader vestlige demokratier, incl Danmark at den slags tydeligvis umuligt integrerbare indvandrere at vende tilbage ?


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10 marts 2014

Hvordan fejrer EUs “udenrigsminister” den internationelle kvindedag ? Opdateret

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Selvfølgelig ved at besøge det kvindefjendske Iran og bære tørklæde til “lejligheden” !


Her er hun – i færd med at snakke sort til pressen.
Bemærk hendes knæfald til ayatollaerne : totalt tildækket.
Det eneste hun mangler er bare en ansigtsmaske …

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